Photographic Memory Stack

This nootropic stack is designed to maximize one’s memory potential, that we call “The Photographic Memory Stack.”

It’s a relatively simple stack compared to many of the other stacks people use for memory enhancement however these particular stack components are very effective and work well together to optimize memory function.

Combining the supplements below into a daily regimen will likely do wonders for your memory in the short-term but after several months should provide even more profound improvements.

This nootropic stack is an important component of our guide on how to get to photographic memory.

  • 600 mg Pramiracetam (2x a day)
    Pramiracetam is a member of the racetam family of nootropics and is hailed for its powerful ability to enhance focus and long-term memory. A memory boost is felt very quickly after ingestion.
  • 500 mg Citicoline
    Citicoline is used because it, alongside any racetam especially pramiracetam, is a powerful combination. A choline source such as citicoline is used by your body to create acetylcholine, one of the most important neurotransmitters involved in cognitive processes including memory.
  • 250 mg Uridine
    Uridine promotes the growth of new dopamine receptors in the brain. It causes new modulation and instead of a spike in dopamine, like many dopaminergic cognitive enhancements, it modulates and ensures your dopamine levels are controlled, which also makes it good for fighting off addictive tendencies. It allows you to concentrate on the task at hand and slows brain aging.
  • 1000 mg Lion’s Mane Mushroom (2x a day)
    Lion’s Mane Mushroom is a natural ingredient which promotes the increase of Nerve Growth Factor. This special protein is important for neurogenesis, as it causes new brain cells to be produced and allow an individual to think in new ways. Essentially, you cause the brain to regenerate and always change to adapt to the task at hand. This is a long term nootropic that usually takes 3-6 months to really feel the benefits. Six months of trials on patients with dementia produces improvements in every single category of cognitive enhancement and measurement. A surefire choice.
  • Fish Oil (dose according to label)
    Fish Oil is well, the #1 most well known and well accepted cognitive enhancer. Check out my article on fish oil benefits here. EPA and DHA (two major lipids in fish oil which are IMPORTANT) synergize with citicoline and uridine both to help produce essential components of every nerve cell membrane.
  • 500 mg Bacopa Monnieri
    Bacopa monnieri is a herb that is used in traditional Indian medicine for memory enhancement. Medical research has confirmed that this natural supplement can actually promote the growth of nerve endings, resulting in improved communication in the brain.
  • 4 mg Galantamine (optional)
    Galantamine is another nootropic supplement known for increasing acetylcholine, memory vividity, sleep and dream quality, and many other cognitive enhancing effects. It goes great with the pramiracetam because of the increase in memory vividity. The combination of the two will help greatly for anyone looking to develop photographic or eidetic memory as they are very synergistic.

NOTE: If you are planning on buying bulk powders, which is a good idea because it ensures a higher quality, please use an accurate milligram scale. Read our primer on how to measure and consume nootropic powders.

Pramiracetam is the heavy hitter of this stack, as it’s one of the most potent racetams for promoting memory enhancement.

The Lion’s Mane and Bacopa have been shown to create long-lasting improvements in memory function when supplemented over periods of several weeks and months.

Citicoline has many, many nootropic effects on its own and is great for anyone looking to increase their memory in the brain. However, for this eidetic memory stack, its purpose it to mainly increase and potentiate the effects of the pramiracetam. Due to the increased communication of both hemispheres in the brain and because of increased acetylcholine use, choline supplementation is helpful in preventing any negative side effects such as headaches from the extra demand of neurotransmitters. Having the sufficient levels of neurotransmitters in the brain will also allow you to maximize the positive effects of the pramiracetam.

Expect immediate results from this stack with maximum effects built up over several weeks of sticking to this supplementation regimen.

Planning to start a new supplementation regimen? See our medical disclaimer.

  • Qoiasu

    Greetings from Idaho! I’m bored to death at work so I decided to browse your site on my iphone during lunch break. I really like the info you provide here and can’t wait to take a look when I get home. I’m amazed at how quick your blog loaded on my cell phone .. I’m not even using WIFI, just 3G .. Anyhow, fantastic site!
    One thing though, this training looks really exceptional, but is it really as good as it looks? If it really works, its got to be worth the money!

  • Shane

    Quick Question:

    1200mg Pramiracetam
    800mg Alpha-GPC
    4mg Galantimine

    Is this considered one dose? or do you have to split it down the middle to make it become two doses so the above formula becomes the total intake per day? i.e

    600mg pramiracetam
    400mg Alpha-GPC
    2mg Galantamine…………IN the morning


    600mg pramiracetam
    400mg Alpha-GPC
    2mg Galantamine…………Again IN the evening


    • Knaxta

      Wondering the same thing. I hope this is answered this year ^_^

      • Braintropic

        The overall stack has been slightly modified since it was originally posted. We’ve updated the pramiracetam be split into two in order to extend the effects throughout the day. The rest, unless specified, is once per day.

  • Danny

    Are any of thexe addictive or have any negative side effetcs besides the one you already mentioned

  • star

    i heard alpha gpc causes rashes and insomina wats a alternative thats just as affective ?

    • admin

      I have never heard this about Alpha GPC. Maybe Choline Citrate.

  • mcfish

    If you work night shift, the better time to ingest this stack is late during the day or it does not matter the time of the day as long you take the stack two times a day? Can you take everything in one dosis? Is the same dosis for males and females?

    • admin

      Yes that’s fine! Go by your biological clock, everyone is different really. And you could take everything in one dose I suppose, but I find it more effective split.

  • Hero

    I like the info, I know that lions mane works. Many of these chemicals are unstudied and we do not have strong evidence that they do what you say.

    A source like has the weight of evidence for particular chemicals and the site is growing. Perhaps you could do your own research study on yourself using this stack and post it for peer review. I would be pretty excited if the stacks did in fact work. I am willing to wait rather that potentially get brain cancer. Speaking of brain cancer to my knowledge Sunifram may actually lead to it if one is not careful.

    From wikipedia:
    Mice injected with sunifiram at 1mg/kg of body weight, i.e. 1,000 times the minimal effective dose required to prevent scopolamine-induced amnesia, did not exhibit any collateral symptoms.[10] This, however, does not address long-term safety or drug interactions.
    Activation of PKC-α.

    Increased activation of PKCα is associated with the growth and invasion of cancers.[12][13] High levels of PKCα are linked to malignant brain cancer.

    Anyone can post an unsubstantiated memory stack. Certainly many are willing to try to take chemicals untested on humans for safety nor efficacy in order to get something which only a few are genetically born with. No one is reporting that this is working for them.

    “Fools Rush In Where Angels Fear to Tread”

  • Pedro Garcia

    I’m looking to do some pretty big stuff this year, I want to go through 59 lessions to get a photographic memory hard wired into my brain, learn Spanish and Russian, learn to code then program my futures trading and make it automatic, so I don’t have to be up at all hours of the night waiting for the $es market to to reach Certain things, the reason I saying this is because I hope this works, and I will be writing everything down, I’ll do this for three months, so see if it’s dose what is says. I take take care of myself really well. I’m 35, 200Lbs, I juice every day and eat almost organic everything, in addition I work out daily. I have lacked motivation for all these things because I just haven’t really wanted to put myself through the mental workout, but it is time, and I feel like I’ve found something to test myself to see what i can really accomplish, I’ll keep everyone up to date. Once I get my stuff.

  • Braintropic

    The optimal dosage is still undetermined therefore there is quite a variation in recommendations. There are some studies that suggest a total daily intake of 1200 mg is optimal which is why this stack lists 600 mg twice per day. You can try increasing/decreasing from there to see what works best for you.

  • diamondlarry

    It seems that Picamilon is no longer available…anywhere. At Powder City when you type it in, it automatically goes to Phenibut. From what I’ve learned about Phenibut, it doesn’t look like it would be a good idea to take it everyday as you would be doing with this stack. What would be a good substitute for Picamilon?

    • Braintropic

      That’s right. Picamilon is no longer available for sale in the US. You’re also right that phenibut is not a good candidate for daily use due to tolerance/addiction.

      Potential substitutes for picamilon that could be explored are kava and valerian root.

      • diamondlarry

        I have recently located a source for picamilon. It seems picamilon has been removed from this stack, but I was wondering if there any way I can get that dosage/amount again?

        • Braintropic

          Picamilon is typically dosed at 150 mg, up to twice a day.

  • risfil

    how long does the effect last at least

  • George

    it depends on your stack purpose and your tolerance, but according to scientific papers 8g a day starts to deliver real,scientifically measurable differences to your cognition..however follow the stack instructions and if you’re new then go for low dosages first and then maybe slowly build it up. Low dosages (400mg or 600mg) are a serving, you can add them up during the day to a higher number. I used to take 3g morning 3g afternoon and 3 g evening when I was studying for my exams..

  • Anisha Ram

    where i can get those ingredients especially pramiracetam picamilon.these ingredients doesnot available in powder city… please suggest any websites to buy this

  • Arshk

    Just tried this stack and vomited lol

  • Barb Lachowsky


    Thank You for Your suggestions and help!

  • Alex

    I have bought most of these items now. Waiting for a few to arrive.

    With the lions mane do I need to take 2000mg a day i.e. 1000 twice a day. Or am I ok with 1000mg?

    Also with the Citicoline – do I need to take 500mg or will I get away with 250mg. Or could I take 250mg and some choline bitatrate or alpha gpc.

    It would be good to know what I can and can’t do with the amounts as the difference between taking 1 pill or 2 is the difference between two months supply and four which is a lot in terms of cost. However I appreciate there is a certain threshold.

    • Braintropic

      The optimal dosage for Lion’s Mane is yet to be determined but there are various studies indicating positive effects from doses in the 500 mg – 3000 mg per day range. As for your choline source, choline bitartrate isn’t very promising for nootropic effects compared to citicoline or Alpha GPC. For citicoline, 500 mg is already on the lower end of the typical dosage recommendations.

      • levensok

        How do you split the items you take once a day? If you’re taking pramiracetam twice a day, and galantamine is synergistic with it, when do you take the galantamine–with the first pramiracetam dose or the second? The same with the others–bacopa, etc. do you take it with the first dose of pramiracetam, in between, or with the second dose?

  • Knaxta

    Hi again Braintropic! Been a while :D. I have a question about Picamilon. I happen to have 100g left over from a while back and I’m just wondering if you know why it isn’t being sold anywhere in the US anymore? Was it found to have negative effects or anything? If not, I will use this last pack as I usually did and really reap the benefits.

    • Braintropic

      The short answer is that picamilon does not fit in any of the FDA’s dietary ingredient categories. There are many people that believe that the answer is more complex. If you’d like to read more, have a look here:

      • diamondlarry

        I just recently (11/2/16) purchased some picamilon from a U.S. based site; 40 grams for $12.88. If it’s OK with the moderator, I’ll post where it is.

  • James

    I am very new to nootropic stacks and have been reading your website. Have one question am I able to take lets say the photographic memory stack, and continue taking my daily multi vitamin, vitamin c etc? Or will everything be too much?

  • Gibbs91_30

    How would this pair alongside noopept? Would it be safe or should the noopept be reserved for times when extra mental capacity is necessary like before exams/tough classes/engineering seminars?

  • Shauntell Vanhorn

    Hi I have been using a nootropic for about 3 months now and I’ve always though my issue was a lack of energy and focus but through sampling I’ve realized I have energy and focus when I’m taking things like n acetylene l tyrosine, and altar, ala with an racetrack and choline. It has changed my life for the better but I’m very new and don’t want to accidentally harm myself . I also want to continue tying different ones to find the perfect stack. Can you recommend a how to book that’s not too costly and recommend any nootropics that are good for dopamine and serotonin , adrenalin synergy. Thank you for your time

  • chiko

    Hi i need something to help me to retain more information while studying also while doing the exam understanding the questions and focusing more. thanks

  • Justin Stewart

    So to make a long question as short as possible, I am trying to research the subject as much as possible before actually implementing it. I am posting this question to see if I get a reply quicker than I can figure it out on my own. pre-made custom stacks: The best nootropic stack and the photographic memory stack, is it efficient to mix these two? or would one or more of the ingredients conflict with each other, or cancel each other out etc. Both of these stacks and claimed benefits seem appealing, is there someway to mix these two that would provide me with the best of both stacks? (Going to post this question onto both stacks, I would imagine the response to this question could be beneficial to other viewers)