Braintropic is a website built with one mission in mind: to provide the information you need to make the most of your brain.

Our goal is to deliver the most accurate, complete, and up-to-the-minute data available on nootropics and supplements that can enhance cognitive function, and our commitment to that goal gets stronger every year.

Helping Build Better Brains Since 2012

Braintropic got its start in 2012 when its founder discovered and began experimenting with nootropics and supplements that could help optimize the mind. Intrigued by the results and eager to explore further, he started researching but quickly ran into a major “data divide” that blocked his progress.

At that time consumer-oriented articles on cognitive enhancement were not only rare, but they were also often vague and distinctly unscientific, long on promises and short on documented proof. There was very little authoritative, well-researched information on nootropics available at the time, and much of what did exist was in the form of highly technical research reports and scholarly papers.

While these information sources were reliable, they were hard to find and difficult for non-scientists to digest. In addition, they often focused on a single aspect or effect of a given nootropic and only rarely provided an overall picture of the product’s potential.

Finding the basic facts about cognitive enhancers involved a lot of searching, study, and compilation of findings – a challenging and time-consuming process that simply wasn’t realistic for most consumers. And as a result, the tremendous potential of nootropics was often overlooked, just because it was so poorly understood.

At Braintropic, our goal is to research the primary evidence, assemble the findings of scientific studies, gather anecdotal evidence from actual users, and present the facts about nootropics in articles that are concise, comprehensive, and easy to understand.