The Best Nootropic Stack

With so many different choices of nootropics, it can be challenging to decide what to include in your stack.

This guide will explain how I combined different nootropics into a daily regimen for incredible effects on my mind.

Nootropic stacks are often designed for a particular purpose, such as reducing anxiety, increasing focus, or improving memory. However, I created this stack for myself to maximize my mind in every way possible.

If you are a college student, businessperson, entrepreneur, or someone that could benefit from improved memory, learning, focus, mood, and motivation, my experience may be exciting for you.

If you’re entirely new to nootropics, I suggest you start by reading our beginner’s guide to nootropic stacks to learn the ins and outs of designing a nootropic stack.

NOTE: If you aren’t interested in building a custom stack and are looking for a preformulated “ready to go” stack in capsule form, my number one choice is Mind Lab Pro. You can read my Mind Lab Pro review for a detailed overview.

The Purpose of This Stack

I am a person that is always trying to hack life and become the best version of myself.

One day, I asked myself, what would the best version of “me” look like?

I thought about it and decided that my ideal self would have high intelligence, mental clarity, a positive attitude, relentless motivation, smart social skills, and a healthy dose of confidence.

With my extensive experience with nootropics, I started dreaming up ways to use them to bring out this strongest version of myself.

After months of research and experimentation, I have found my perfect combination.

This stack is designed to:

  • Enhance The Ability to Learn
  • Deepen Concentration
  • Sharpen Focus
  • Improve Memory
  • Boost Creativity
  • Increase Social Fluidity
  • Supercharge Motivation
  • Reduce Anxiety
  • Provide a Sense of Well-Being

The Stack: Become The Strongest Version of Yourself



Visit to order your nootropics. They have a great selection of high-quality nootropics and are competitively priced.

The aniracetam and Noopept are the foundations of the stack, but when combined with all the other supplements, they work synergistically and create a fantastic effect, to increase intelligence, memory, focus, social fluidity, mood, and motivation.

This nootropic stack helps me remove my tendency for procrastination and stimulates my natural drive to accomplish whatever I need to get done. It gives me an overall feeling of wellness, which leads to a state of motivation that is conducive to reaching my maximum potential.

I sense that my overall intelligence, memory, focus, and ability to learn are enhanced.

Lastly, this stack gives me a noticeable mood boost as well as increases my social fluidity.

Breakdown of the Ingredients

Caffeine + L-Theanine for Relaxed Energy

Caffeine is included because, as most of you know, it is very effective at increasing energy and focus levels. It will also kick up the effects of all the other ingredients in this stack a notch. The addition of L-theanine, an amino acid found in green tea, will take away the jitteriness often associated with caffeine, leaving a relaxed but alert state that is perfect for productivity. Caffeine stacked with L-theanine is one of the most popular combinations in the nootropic community. The combination is best taken only when an energy boost is needed, as opposed to daily, to avoid building up a tolerance.

We recommend: Caffeine + L-Theanine Capsules from

Sulbutiamine For Motivation And Feeling Good

Sulbutiamine is excellent for motivation and, honestly, feels fantastic. One of the most motivating nootropics I have ever tried. Tolerance to sulbutiamine can develop rather quickly, so it is recommended to take it on days where it’s needed most.

We recommend: Sulbutiamine from

Caution: If you are taking SSRI antidepressants, please speak to a health professional before supplementing with sulbutiamine to ensure that there are no contraindications.

NALT for Focus

NALT (N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine) is a more bioavailable form of tyrosine. The body uses it to create dopamine, which plays an essential role in this stack. Its purpose is to help you achieve a focus similar to Adderall or other ADHD medicines but without the adverse effects of amphetamines. Combined with the other stack components, especially the sulbutiamine, motivation and focus are heightened. The increase in dopamine will be used in many parts of your brain and increases the effects of all the other stack ingredients. People on MAO inhibitors should not take N-acetyl-L-tyrosine.

We recommend: Source Naturals N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine from

Alpha GPC as a Stabilizer

Alpha GPC, a choline compound, is a memory and cognitive enhancer on its own, but most importantly, it works well to maximize the brain-boosting effects of the other nootropics in this stack. The body converts alpha GPC into the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is involved in various brain functions, including memory formation and recall. It also reduces the chance of common side effects, such as headaches, from the aniracetam.

We recommend: Alpha GPC from

Aniracetam for Enhancing Cognition and Reducing Anxiety

Aniracetam is a nootropic in the racetam family. Not only is aniracetam great for enhancing learning and memory, but it is also a potent anxiolytic, which means it has the potential to reduce anxiety in individuals, notably in social situations. I use it to improve my ability to speak fluidly. I feel like an expert speaker with aniracetam without any anxiety. It also works to improve memory function and creativity. It synergizes exceptionally well with Noopept and alpha GPC.

We recommend: Aniracetam from

Noopept for Memory

Noopept is also capable of increasing memory and will potentiate this entire stack. Not only has Noopept demonstrated the ability to work almost immediately upon ingestion, but there is also evidence that long-term supplementation increases NGF levels in the brain, which is a protein that’s involved in the generation of new neurons. Increasing NGL levels may result in potential lasting benefits to memory function as well. Noopept may also magnify the anxiety-reducing effects of aniracetam, allowing the mind to flow freely and enhance its ability to recall memories and enter a flow state.

We recommend: Noopept from

More Stack Ideas

If you’re looking for more ideas on how to stack nootropics, here are some of our most popular guides:

My favorite preformulated nootropic stack

Whether you are interested in designing your own custom nootropic stack or looking for new ideas, we regularly publish new stacks ideas, so stay tuned for more. You can also browse our individual nootropic profiles for even more stack ideas.

The key to designing a stack is to do the research and experiment to determine what works best for you.

Safety should always be the #1 priority. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to speak to a medical professional before starting a new supplementation routine.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, each nootropic serves a particular purpose.

When combined, they work together to enhance their individual effects further, effectively optimizing the brain in various ways.

We have received a lot of positive feedback from readers who have tried this stack, and there is a good chance that it may be an excellent stack for you too.

While custom stacks are considered the best way to experience the full potential of nootropics, if you’d rather not experiment with combining different nootropics on your own, you can opt for a complete preformulated “ready to go” nootropic supplement such as the highly recommended Mind Lab Pro by Opti-Nutra. Read my Mind Lab Pro review for a detailed overview.

Planning to start a new supplementation regimen? See our medical disclaimer.

273 thoughts to “The Best Nootropic Stack”

  1. Nice article man, I’ve shared it on Twitter;) I’m doing research at the moment as I’ve never taken a stack before, your site is a really great resource, thanks for putting in the effort!

    Happy New Year and all the best – here’s to an enhanced 2013!



    1. Since Sulbutiamine tolerance rises quickly is their something to substitute say every week or every two weeks to keep the effects?


      1. That’s correct. Sulbutiamine tolerance does increase quickly. I’d suggest just leaving it out completely without replacing it when you’re not including it. If you really want another alternative for mood you should consider phenylpiracetam or a natural supplement such as L-theanine.

  2. Hey, so I purchased some nootropics recently after trying Shroom Tech Sport and AlphaBrain, they worked well for me (Alpha in particular) so I decided to expand and go for this stack.

    I bought everything listed above, except noopept and I added lions mane. I have been taking the doses recommended but only once daily, I feel like I am more focused and my speech is better, but I also feel like I have a little bit of tunnel vision, and I am a bit jittery, but also feel somewhat tired. I am wondering what is causing this, I am going to play around with the stack a bit by adding and taking away things, and trying things on their own.

    What do you think is causing this? My thoughts are it is the caffeine, so tomorrow I am going to just take the Sulbutiamine, NALT, Aniracetam, and Lions Mane (Plus my normal vitamins) and see if that does the trick.

    Also what do you think should be changed for this stack to make it really good for studying, or writing papers?

  3. Hi, great article. Started using this one today!
    Could you please tell me a bit about the intake of the different nootropics?

    For example, I’ve heard Noopept is best to hold under the tongue for a while because you don’t experience the taste, and your body ‘absorbs’ it much better. What’s your take on this? would this be better than just taking a capsule? and what about this with aniracetam?



    1. To be honest, most nootropics are so bio available that changing the way you take it to something other than oral won’t really make a huge difference unless perhaps you were taking it IM or IV (BAD IDEA FOR MOST USERS!).

      I personally just put my nootropics in capsules and take them. They work good enough that way to where I really don’t see a need to do it differently. They are very bio available compounds already. Perhaps if you have a fat soluble nootropic like Aniracetam, you could take it with food to increase and speed up absorbtion, but in the end, it really doesn’t make much difference overall.

      Thanks for reading!

      1. Hi ,love your stack been using for couple of monnths now. My question is been using aniracetam but it makes me foggy and unmotivated, should I order oxiracetam?
        However I do respond well to noopept and would it be wise to cycle sulbutiamine with modafinil?


  4. I have a question regarding the Sulbutiamine and NALT. I understand that the NALT helps to produce more Dopamine, but I also know that Sulbutiamine somewhat inhibits the release of Dopamine. Wouldn’t that have a bit of a different reaction than what you explained?

    And in no way am I meaning to criticize the stack, I’m actually quite pleased with the other Stacks mentioned. It just has me very curious!

    Thank you!


    1. It is my understanding that Sulbutiamine works similarly to Cocaine (that sounds really terrible actually… wow haha) in that, it blocks dopamine from being taken up into the receptors. This leads to an abundance of dopamine circulating in the brain which is why Sulbutiamine is so motivating and gives great focus. Large amounts of dopamine is great for focus, which is why Adderall is such a great aid for those with ADD or ADHD disorders.

      NALT helps produce more dopamine, but my understanding is that, because it is a precursor, it merely helps the body in its natural production of that neurotransmitter. This mean you won’t reach a supersaturated amount per say, just your body will be able to stay at its optimal level of dopamine without much work needed to create more. So if any depletion occurs, your body will be right back at that optimal level.

      Things like NALT and other neurotransmitter precursors, you have to remember that 1) they are still just supplements, and 2) they are just precursors. They do a lot for you, but they mostly are useful in stacks to potentiate the effects of more potent nootropics. Many people equate NALT —> Dopamine, and while I wish the conversion was that easy because having a metric shit-ton of dopamine would be amazing, you are fighting bioavailability, conversion into other neurotransmitters, and tons of other factors.

      Sorry if that got too bro-sciencey for you, I was trying to create an easy explanation.

  5. Hi mate. Can you explain more about how you take all this nootropics together?? What type of gel capsule you used? You do you mix all of them in one capsule? How do you keep away from building tolerance to all this nootropics?


    Ps. Your website is awsome!

    1. See this post.

      Personally, I just cap all my nootropics out individually. With a capping machine, this is pretty quick and easy. Tolerance is avoided by being considerate with your doses and doing what is effective without going crazy.

  6. First off, I’d like to say thanks for taking the time to put all of this information together!

    I’m new to Nootropics and have recently placed an order for Alpha Brain + New Mood. I understand that creating your own stack will be more effective; but how much cheaper would it be vs. the lazy man’s route? (Alpha Brain etc..)

  7. Your site is tremendously helpful. It is a big help in trying to figure out what to include in my stacks. I have never seen such a good comparison of the more ‘advanced’ racetams. Really cleared up a lot for me.

    Can you say more about how you cap your supplements? I’ve got a 24-count The Capsule Machine. I find the process pretty time consuming – I can do perhaps 100 caps/hour.

    Can you recommend any other approaches to measuring out stacks? Seems it would be possible to measure out aggregate quantities of the ingredients then mix them up and just weigh the dosage per day. That’s assuming that I could get a good mix of the powders and that they wouldn’t react with each other (prior to adding stevia and water and chugging).

    Thanks for putting together such a useful resource. I look forward to following your Amazon links as a way of saying thanks. BTW – your Lion’s Mane link points to a product that is ‘currently unavailable’. I’m thinking that some of your recommendations for Lion’s Mane in various stacks could get to be pricey (2 or 4 G per day?!). What do you think of buying a Lion’s Mane kit from Fungi Perfecta?

    What do you think of the Swanson product listed on Amazon: “Full Spectrum Lion’s Mane Mushroom 500 mg 60 Caps by Swanson Premium”

    Thanks again for the hard work and clear communication.

  8. This is great info. Thank you for taking the time to put together something so comprehensive. I’m putting together the stack that you recommended, but I have a question on Choline CDP. I currently have a pretty decent stock on Choline citrate. I’m a bit naive on the difference of the two, but could I substitute? And if so how much Choline citrate would you recommend?

    Thanks in advance!

  9. Just stumbled upon this. Never new all of this existed, I am a college student (aspiring entrepreneur) and I have been taking Gingko Bilboa. Is this stack recommended every day?

  10. Would L-Theanine be a worthwhile addition, to smooth out the caffeine’s effects and further reduce anxiety, or do the NALT and racetams make this unnecessary?

    1. L-Theanine is an awesome addition to any stack. Btw, we have a new article on L-Theanine going up today, feel free to check it out.

  11. Nice list- but don’t underestimate the importance of proper nutrition through real foods, herbs, and spices- and don’t forget the natural stuff, like bacopa, ginseng, or maca.
    Furthermore, I would caution against using sulbutiamine often- I’ll let you do your own research to find out why. That goes doubly for GABAminergics like phenibut, which I’m sure you’ll work your way to.

  12. My question is this…seeing that you recommend the 00 capsules for larger quantities (from your Scales and Capsules guide), do you mix your doses together and spread them over a couple caps or keep them separated in individual capsules? Is there any harm in mixing everything together and trying to pack them into as few caps as possible? With that said…I’ll take it a step further and ask should you build them on a day by day or can you max batch and fill all 24 (Capsule Machine)? Would that screw with the ratios?

    Looking forward to being all that I can be…without joining the army!


    1. There is no harm in mixing in the same cap! As long as they fit, it should be fine. You do get more flexibility by putting them in separate caps, but if you are pretty sure what dose you want to take, then there is absolutely no harm in it.

      I would not recommend mixing all your powders together however and then trying to cap them however. Different powders can have different densities and such, and unless you have proper equipment, they are not going to be evenly mixed.

      Personally, I do all my powders in one day. I’ll cap out 2-3 months worth at a time simply because its nice to just be able to grab them and go. And quite honestly, it is much quicker to do them in one sitting because I’ll usually make a huge mess out of it haha.

  13. Wondering why you don’t take the noopept with the aniracetam in the morning, also why not a second dose of ani in the afternoon? Im taking ani now and really like it, going to try adding noopept.

    great website, ill use your links to order.

  14. Hi! I would really like to try this stack, but I have a few questions. Do the effects wear off at all? Is there a tolerance build up at all? Do you cycle this stack? Do you think it would be good for a 19 year old to take?

    1. The mental benefits you achieve from a nootropic stack do wear off gradually after stopping a regimen, however everything you learned, achieved, and gained DOES retain. The mental BENEFITS are specifically from the nootropics of course, which is why they wear off, however all of the mental GAINS will stick with you forever. This is why nootropics are so helpful 🙂

      Tolerance does occur, for some specific things like Sulbutiamine in particular, but mostly your body always needs about the same dose to reap the benefits of nootropics.

      Would it be good for a 19 year old? I don’t know anything about your health so I won’t recommend it directly. Everyone should know their body and health level before taking any supplements. For the average 19 year old, nootropics are perfectly safe. That is their nature after all. I have firsthand experience to say that the benefits are incredible. Don’t be afraid to ask a doctor if you are unsure, everyone varies and as I am not a doctor, you will just have to be the final word on whether a nootropic regimen would be worth it.

  15. Hey love the site, do you know anything about taking MCT oil as a fat source for the aniracetam and or think it would be a good idea?

    1. MCT is an absolutely fantastic fat source for any fat soluble supplements including aniracetam.
      Another great option is coconut oil (which of course has MCT’s).
      Here’s a tip use the coconut oil as a carrier for your supplements –
      Gently melt the coconut oil, portion out your aniracetam into mini baking cups, and pour the coconut oil into the cups covering the aniracetam completely. Now refrigerate, and when they’ve cooled and hardened you can easily pop them into your mouth.
      Really the tip of the iceberg for what you can do.

  16. Is it a bad idea to include modafinil in this stack and is it essential to take them in powdered form?? Pls reply

  17. @admin
    Your caution regarding ssri + sulb has started to make me a bit anxious. I’ve been taking Prozac with sulb for over a week now! Do you have any credible source for this statement?

    1. This is a daily stack that has cumulative effects as the nootropics build up in your system, most likely maximizing around the 1-week mark. Of course, if you don’t want to take it daily, you can save this stack for performance demanding situations or days that could use an overall boost and should still have great results.

      1. Thank you extremely much for the assistance. Do you think adding in Citicoline, CDP Choline would be safe? If so what dosage would you recommend in ratio to the other nootropics already in this stack? And would I consume it in the morning, afternoon or both? Thanks again.

        1. You’re welcome. A choline source is highly recommended when taking racetams. In the above stack, we suggest Alpha GPC as a choline source but if you want to use Citicoline instead (which contains roughly half the amount of Choline by weight compared to Alpha GPC) just take double the amount of CDP Choline in relation to the Alpha GPC dosages suggested above.

          1. You’re a quadrillion times better than asking google search for help, thank you again. Last things, is inositol safe to add or too much focus, and is it appropriate to add some components of your NGF Factor’s stack to this one?

          2. Glad to help. Inositol is safe to add and should work nicely side by side with the choline supplementation. The components of the NGF stack can be added to this stack too. Good luck.

          3. Thanks for the luck. As far as your recommended time of consumption for each day goes (once at 8am and again at 1pm), at what point in the day do you say that you consume your share? As in right as you wake up alongside breakfast? Or right before you head to work? Ecsetra
            Thanks a lot again

          4. Ideally with your breakfast. Fat-soluble supplements, such as sulbutiamine and aniracetam, are absorbed most efficiently when taken with food.

          5. Since this is a combination of water-soluble and fat soluble supplements, what are some ways of taking them while the capsule machine is en route?

          6. One way is to just to swallow the supplements in powder form using a spoon (quantities measured out, of course) and then chasing it with a drink like water or coffee. There’s another option that I’ve never tried known as “parachuting” nootropics, which is wrapping the powders in a small piece of tissue paper and swallowing it like a capsule.

  18. I’m trying to make my own personal stack consisting of pramiracetam,oxiracetam, aniracetam,omega-3, creatine,alpha gpc,urdine,ginkgo biloba,rhodiola rosea, vinpocetine and lion’s mane mushroom.Do you think combining these would be effective and safe.

        1. Refer to the PAO stack example and then you’ll need to do some research on the others, many which can be found in our database of nootropic profiles that can be accessed via the dropdown menu in the navigation.

          1. Do you think adding Ginseng,L-Tyrosine,L-Dopa and GABA would be okay or would that be overboard?

          2. I’m asking because I’m a private detective and I need as much help as I can get. Do you have any thing that would help reasoning and deductive abilities?

          3. A racetam based stack should stimulate glutamate and acetylcholine synapses in the brain which should result in an overall general enhancement of cognition. The best advice is try a few basic combinations to see what works best for your personal preferences and neurobiology.

          4. Do you think adding those would be okay? I’m asking because this stack sounds good and I want to try it.

  19. Hello All

    Need some help with my situation.
    i’m 32 years old, I have a $500 budget, i need to make 2 Nootropic stacks one for productive to super productive days, other for shielding/ reversing the brain from alcohol damage and occasional amphetamine use, these stacks should have very minimal side effects. i had alcohol for 9 years, i quit alcohol since past 2 years, My job needs my brains, i used to have very good long and short term memory, i remember the punishments i got from my math teacher for not doing my home work, I was in 2nd stranded at that time.But my alcohol abuse killed the natural memory power i had. now it’s hard to remember stuff happened from 2 years ago, I want to reverse this situation in the next few years, i’m searching for a stack ( this stack is gonna be the second stack which is gonna improve total brain health).

    Please suggest me with ideas.

  20. Will taking out NALT from this stack do any damage to its effect? When I have taken Adderall I feel that the focus is much to intense for everyday use which is the reason I’m considering leaving NALT out.

    1. This stack will still be effective without the NALT, especially if you don’t feel that you would benefit from the extra focus. Keep in mind, the effects of NALT will likely be way less intense than an amphetamine such as Adderall.

  21. Love the site! Question, with the Alpha GPC, powder city mixes it 50/50 with silicon dioxide. So would that mean we’d want 1000mg of this Alpha GPC?

  22. Hello, I have to say that I like your site. Like the different ways of taking nootropics, to hack your brain. My question to you is i was reading over how you put this stack together.

    At the moment i can’t offered all the supplements you mention above. I have enough


    since i have these supplements should I follow the same dosage you mentation above?

    Please let me know when you have time.

    Thank you,

    1. Yes, the dosages should still be a good guideline. It’s also possible to start with even smaller dosages and work your way up until you reach optimal results.

      1. This going to sound dumb but what’s the optimal result? How would you determine is the correct dosage or close to the dosage you should be taking.

        1. It doesn’t sound dumb at all. The reality is that it can be tricky to find the “perfect” dose. I tend to start at the lower end of the spectrum for dosage recommendations and then work my way up and see if the perceived effects on mood/memory/cognition (depending on the nootropic in question) increase further.

          Some people do like to split up the aniracetam into three doses due to its relative short half-life. As for the noopept, some people report stimulatory effects which can interfere with sleep so it may be better to avoid taking it at night, if the noopept energizes you too much.

          1. I never had a problem sleeping on any nootropics… Guess my caffeine levels are high or something. If i stay on this dosage for about 3 weeks and feel that it’s not working. What is the proper way of increasing the dosage? Some people say increase it by 200mg or 500mg . I know with noopept the max level you should not pass is 40mg . One more thing what is to much aniracetam? when would you know it’s time to move on to the next nootropics?

          2. A couple of weeks should be enough time to get a good idea of the effects of nootropics such as noopept/aniracetam. At that point you should have had enough time to decide to whether you want to try something else. As for max dosage levels, please refer to our the individual nootropic profiles (can be accessed in our menu) for more specifics.

  23. I still love all your articles. Quick question, what recommended dosage of piracetam would you add to this stack for daily usage?
    Less importantly, is centrophenoxine a good substitution for alpha GPC in this stack? If so what dosage would you recommend?

    1. Piracetam dosage recommendations vary and individuals respond differently so trying out different doses is necessary. As usual, I’d start out at the lower end of the spectrum, say 500 mg twice per day, when part of a stack.

      Centrophenoxine is another good choline choice that you can try out. A typical dose would be 250 mg twice per day.

    1. Agreed. While the effects of Alpha Brain are more subtle compared to synthetic nootropics, it’s a great first step.

  24. So I believe I’ve found the combination of your suggested nootropics for me, now i have all the powder and want to make a bulk batch. Problem is if I mix all of these together I doubt I’ll have a consistent amount of each individual substance. Is there a trick to this?

  25. I’ve been using this stack for a week or so. I started off very social and focused and now I’m just tired and lazy. I’m suspecting there are too many GABA-ergic agents here for me. I generally sleep well and I have adequate social skills. How would you modify this stack if you are trying to increase motivation and alertness without much concern for the calming or social effects? Thanks!

    1. The two potential elements in the stack that may be slowing you down would most likely be the L-theanine and/or the aniracetam. Maybe try dropping them from the stack and replacing the aniracetam with oxiracetam (starting with a minimal dose) and see if that works better for you.

  26. hi there,

    so going back to the topic of fat / water soluble supplements, how should this stack be taken? For e.g NALT, Alpha GPC and Noopept are water soluble, so if they were taken with everything else (with a meal to introduce fat), wouldn’t the food affect those?

    also, it says take everything twice daily, but with aniracetam it says morning only… is that just once a day for that then?

    If that is the case, how would the Noopept get a chance to potentiate the aniracetam? Since the half-life of aniracetam is around 2 hours? Would it do any harm taking the aniracetam and Noopept together with everything else twice daily? Perhaps half measures for each administration?

    Please help, and thank you for this brilliant site!

    1. I take my daily regimen with food, including the water-soluble supplements. I’m not so certain that taking water-soluble supplements with food is a big enough issue to worry about but you can always take them between meals and compare.

      In this stack the aniracetam and noopept are each taken once a day but combining together is quite popular too. Those two nootropics have both immediate effects and cumulative effects and taking them together, as you suggest, may result in further potentiating the immediate effects. If you choose to do so, just split the doses in half.

  27. Anything to add to it to increase memory? Like the other option was the “like photographic memory”… basically I was wondering if there was an effective way to hybrid this

    1. We get this question a lot. A hybrid of this stack plus the Photographic Memory Stack would look something like this:

      200 mg Caffeine
      100 mg L-Theanine
      300 mg Sulbutiamine
      300 mg NALT
      300 mg Alpha GPC
      1500 mg Aniracetam (morning only)
      20 mg Noopept (afternoon only)
      300 mg Uridine
      2 g Fish Oil
      15 mg Zinc
      3 g Lion’s Mane Mushroom
      500 mg Ashitaba
      5-10 mg Pregnenolone
      2 mg Melatonin (before bed)
      1 g ALCAR

      I hope that helps!

      1. Hi there love all the info, but I was wondering how this stack would look like in capsule form as there are quite a number of ingredients? Thanks

          1. Thanks, also, what kind of stack can I give to my 56 yr old mother with high blood pressure? If any? I’m trying to get her to relax, but she’s a natural worrier.

          2. You may want to look into ashwagandha, a popular natural nootropic with anxiolytic qualities.

          3. Just curious when you say “without attempting to make blended capsule” do you mean without using a filler? Is there anything wrong with combining all the smaller powders in this stack into a single cap? like put the noopept, alpha GPC and NALT all in 1 cap (measured of course) with no filler. Are they fine to cap together like that or are you best off capping each powder separately?

          4. As long as everything is measured properly, I don’t see any problem combining them into a single cap.

  28. wait , we have to take this stack 2 times a day? , consuming the recommended dosages of these nootropics doesn’t last the entire day?

    1. Keep in mind many nootropics have both immediate effects and cumulative effects. For the immediate effects, that’s correct, most nootropics won’t last an entire day but generally last for a few hours, depending on which nootropic you’re talking about. For example, aniracetam’s immediate effects usually last between 3-5 hours. This is why many people like to dose nootropics twice (or even three times) a day.

  29. I am new to this. I started taking Noopept 10mg once a day, Oxiracetam 750 mg once a day, and choline Bitartrate 500 mg once a day. I am going to replace the bitartrate with Alpha-GPC this morning, which looks like I will have to double up on the dose from what I am reading. My question/concern is this:
    I am currently only able to take this once a day, in the morning before work. Taking all these powders to work don’t work for me. After taking for about a week, they are not working for me anymore. How much should one take at one time if they can only do it once a day? In the future I will invest in either a capping machine, or buy them already capped, but because I do not want to waste the powder I have, what do you suggest? Also, it appears to me that the three of these are safe to take everyday, whereas something like phenylpiracetam is not due to the tolerance. Is this correct?
    Forgive me if you have addressed this elsewhere in here….this is why I am beginning to take Noots…my memory sucks and half of what I read anymore I don’t retain.

    1. Many people only take nootropics once a day, in the morning, and are pleased with results. Taking a 2nd time in the afternoon may help keep the effects lasting longer but you’ll have to try it out to see how that works for you. Everyone has a unique biochemistry and reacts differently to nootropics. Capped nootropics are definitely convenient but will be a bit pricier. If you cap yourself, you’ll save some money. It depends on your preference but both are good options.

      Dosage is also one of the variables that you need to fine tune with experimentation. You’re currently taking on the lower end of the dosage suggestions for those nootropics, which is the recommended way to start, so you can try upping the dosages to see if that works better for you. Just stay within the recommended dosages guidelines that you find in our nootropic profile pages or at the vendors you are purchasing your nootropics from. Also, a little note, remember that Noopept is recommended to be taken sublingually for optimal absorption.

      The nootropics you’re taking are considered safe for daily use.

  30. thanks for the reply !!! , have you ever experimented with the pea and hordenine stack? , is this stack way better than the pea and hordenine in terms of euphoria confidence and motivation? , will this completely wean me off my concerta medication?

    1. We’ve gotten great results using this stack and have received many reports from people that are loving it too. Everyone is different so experimentation is the only way to really know how effective it will be on an individual basis. Fine tuning dosages and even swapping components can be helpful too.

  31. I’ve read a lot of amazing reviews and would like to post a question. I was prescribed with 60mg of adderall when I was 22 (I’m now 23) due to a feeling of not being able to work effectively. After using adderall for work, I’ve noticed an amazing increase in productivity and improvement! However, this year, I noticed its effectiveness down to 20% I’m on the road a lot of work and don’t have time to make these stacks. I’ve managed get my hand on the following:

    Thiamine 100mg
    L-Tyrosine 500mg
    L-Theanine 100mg
    Caffeine 200mg
    Magnesime oxide 500mg
    Melatonin 3mg
    Omega 3-6-9 1200mg

    I manage the sales division of my company and its 40 sales reps and 10 office admin. It’s extremely high pace and I’m moving around a lot. In what combination do I take these with my adderall to increase effectiveness and get the “best version of myself”. I only work 5 months of the year Monday-Saturday 10am-10pm usually. I’m 23, 190lbs, male, 6’2 and fairly fit. I usually do my own research but I’d rather have some direct advice and not make a mistake. I’d like more motivation, energy, and focus.

    Thank you kindly in Advancd

    1. The supplements you have should have a nice effect. Even just starting out with caffeine and l-theanine (fish oil + choline would be good for overall brain health and functioning too) may prove to be quite effective. The l-tyrosine should help out with focus. Once you’ve given you’re supplementation regimen a try, feel free to come back and share results.

    1. There is a tendency to develop a tolerance to sulbutiamine therefore is usually cycled on and off within stacks, or is simply taken occasionally on days when a boost of motivation and mood is desired.

  32. So the recommended dosage of Aniracetam is 750mg, On your stack, you have 1500mg morning only. Why is this? is it okay to double the dosage?

    1. The limited research available on aniracetam suggests that a total dose in the range of 1000-1500 mg per day to be the most effective for cognitive enhancement. Some people prefer to take the entire dose in one shot whereas others prefer to divide it into two doses.

  33. Will this stack be effective if Aniracetam is eleminated? I’ve read it can cause a false positive on drug tests and would like to avoid this. Is there a chance any of the others will have this effect?

    1. Without aniracetam, the stack will still be effective but naturally you are losing out on some of the benefits. Never heard that aniracetam, or any other of the others in this stack, can cause false-positives in drug tests.

  34. I bought caffeine anyhydrous powder from powder city. The recommendation on the label is to not consume more than 100 mg a day. Is that because anhydrous is more potent or is powder city just being more conservative?

    1. Caffeine anhydrous is essentially caffeine extracted from natural sources, in powder form. A regular cup of drip coffee can contain approximately 150 mg of caffeine. Some sources say that caffeine anhydrous may have a stronger effect than caffeine consumed in its natural forms due to other modulating compounds found in natural sources such as coffee/tea that may limit its effects.

      It’s always recommended to start at low doses when trying out supplements for the first time, just to be cautious, but taking 200 mg of caffeine anhydrous in a single dose is very common and considered quite safe.

      Remember, when dealing with bulk powders, it’s important to have an accurate scale so that dosages are measured incorrectly.

  35. This stack is quite expensive for me if I take all of these nootropics in the recommended dosage. I noticed that the main components of the cost are the Alpha GPC and the Aniracetam. Is there any way that these 2 can be substituted to bring the overall cost down without losing too much of the potency from the stack?

    1. They don’t really have equivalent cheap substitutions. People looking for an alternate inexpensive choline source, instead of alpha GPC, often opt for choline bitartrate, but its efficacy as a nootropic is doubtful. As for aniracetam, a cheaper alternative may be piracetam but its effects aren’t quite the same.

      Remember, when buying nootropics, to save money it’s best to buy in bulk powder form, and to get the largest quantity you can afford to get the best price. For example, 100 grams of aniracetam from Powder City is about $22. At a dosage of 1500 mg this works out to less than 35 cents per day.

      Another way to reduce cost is to go with smaller doses. A dose of 750-1000 mg of aniracetam may still prove to be very effective.

  36. After searching so many websites for some tips on how to stack things, finally i am at the right place. I am a university student and have math, statistic and engeneering based subjects this semester and i am lacking energy, focus, motivation and memory. i need to be on top in order to fulfil those subjects.
    I have available some nootropics and some are an the way to get here soon.

    available: Noopept, piracetam, aniracetam, phenylpiracetam, adrafinil, Alpha gpc, Phenibut,Alcar, DMAE, Pea, Caffeine, L-thienne, fish oil ( liquid form), B-complex, multivitamin (alive), creatine

    On the way to me:
    Choline Bitartrate, Adrafinil, oxiracetam, Pramiracetam, melatonin, vinpocetine, Uridine, Sulbutiamine, Nalt, Huperzine A.
    want to put an order of: Tianeptine, Lions man, ashwaganda, valerian, 5-htp, Ginko biloba, Rhodiola, Bacoba, colouracetam (maybe).

    I have already stacked some of these i have but still feeling tired and i dont have time to just experiment as i should catch up those heavy seubjects and i need to be on top.can you give me a tips on 1 or 2 stack out of these because i might be cycling 2 stacks. also i want to have the best study stack, photographic memory stack and a good night sleep stack.
    any recommendation on which i should eliminate/avoid to buy and which one i am missing.

    1. It sounds like you’ve done plenty of research. I think you’re on the right track but try and simplify a little bit. Test out one of the stacks that sound best to you and make substitutions and adjustments, if necessary, once you’ve given it a fair chance.

      1. which of the racetams has the quickes tolerance build up ?
        i see you have sometimes included aniracetam as daily stakc but in some stack aniracetam is nonedaily and pramiracetam is daily.
        can i use noopept, piracetam everyday ? as people say you should use these two often because the more often you take it the more effects it gives but i have not noticed any commulitive effects yet.
        when i use nootropics in the morning for my early classes, i still feel tired but it gets effect late in the evenning and they cause insomnia, i think i cant get any sleep if i use two times.
        what are the nootropics with minimun insomnia side effects that should not be taken late ?
        thanks for your comment

  37. Had a few questions about the stack.First,can I replace the morning caffeine pill with my morning cup of coffee.Second,when you say “afternoon” for the second dose,roughly when in the day would you suggest?Lastly,I see that you recommend the Source Naturals NALT capsules.Is it ok to get the Powder City bulk instead?Will the roughly 50 gm a dose extra make much difference?The powder is just more economical.Great article and I look forward to your response.

    1. Morning coffee can be used to replace the caffeine pill. The dosage will vary but as long as the coffee gives an energy boost, then it’s serving its purpose as far as the stack goes.

      I like to take my 2nd dose of the day around lunchtime.

      Powder City is an excellent alternative for NALT and the 50 mg difference won’t likely be much of a factor.

      1. Thanks for the followup.One other question.Should this stack be cycled,like a lot of supplements,to avoid building up a tolerance?

        1. There are many opinions as to what supplements, and at what frequency, to cycle nootropics. As mentioned in the article, sulbutiamine shouldn’t be taken daily and instead used for a boost when needed, due to potential tolerance build-up. As for the others, I’d consider cycling caffeine + l-theanine as well as Noopept. As for the cycle itself, some people like to do five days on and two days off, others may say three months on and one month off. There is a lot of variance in that respect.

          Aniracetam and alpha GPC aren’t usually cycled as their effects are cumulative and tolerance doesn’t appear to be an issue.

  38. Hi Braintrophic,

    I don’t really get this morning afternoon thing

    1500 mg Aniracetam (morning only)
    20 mg Noopept (afternoon only)

    Do you take both Aniracetam and Noopept in the afternoon or switch to just Noopept?
    As you mention them being synergistic in your breakdown I got a bit confused.

    I gave it a whirl today as I had most of the Noots but replaced NALT with 5-HTP and left out the Noopept using Aniracetam in the afternoon as I was not to sure.
    At work I was focused, calm, energetic, and had fun, I think you are onto something here.

    Have you tried adding Vinpocetine what are your thoughts on it?

    1. The stack is aniracetam only in the morning and then only Noopept in the afternoon. If you wanted to take them together, twice a day, I’d just split the dose in two.

      Vinpocetine is a very promising nootropic but I haven’t tried it within this exact stack. If you decide to try it, please report back.

      Glad to hear you’re having a good experience with your personalized version of this stack!

  39. I would say 40 to 60 mins with the amount of goodies in it i was expecting it to be really noticeable, but it was very natural I could feel it but not disruptive, also it was long lasting, but I would skip the Aniracetam in the afternoon, while the afternoon and evening where fine I woke the next morning with unusually disturbing dream and was a little anxious after that, maybe it was fall out from large amounts of Aniracetam consecutively.
    (nothing major but worth a mention)

    I sometimes take (coffee) Piracetam and Vinpocetine with a choline powder and the Vinpocetine amplifies the effects so I don’t need as much Piracetam as I would normally take without it.
    Ill add Vinpocetine in and let you know.

  40. I was wrong it was’nt the Aniracetam it was the 5-HTP I took 100mg times two , and higher amounts than 100mg can give nightmares.
    i should have halved it ouch!

  41. This is a great stack, today i worked from 8am to 8pm implamemting a pabx project, i had good energy most of the day a bit washed out towards 8pm i think i needed food basically, i was well motivated and in good spirt, an unexpected meeting cropped up and unexpected visitors showed up, on a day like today i would normally get rattled by this but i rolled with it and just met my prep time deadline ready for the next phase, and it all went smooth.
    This stack help keep my nerves from getting the better of me, under pressure i could still be polite, and make small talk even though i knew i had no time to waste.
    keep some extra l-thiamine handy to dump under your tongue if you get a tad to jittery when the caffeine peaks or other elements wear off.
    This is the best stack ive tried, good combo thanks Braintropic.
    i still have not tried the Vinpocetine with it may be a little over the top.

  42. I’m curious if you ever switch up the nootropics used in the stack. going off assumption it seems like the body would eventually grow a sort of tolerance to the continual intake of these and eventually balance out, which obviously would run counter to the point of taking them in the first place

    1. Many of the stack components actually have cumulative effects meaning that the benefits actually improve as you continue to take them. As mentioned in the article, sulbutiamine shouldn’t be taken daily and
      instead used for a boost when needed, due to potential tolerance
      build-up. As for the others, I’d consider cycling caffeine + l-theanine
      as well as Noopept. As for the cycle itself, some people like to do five
      days on and two days off, others may say three months on and one month
      off. There is a lot of variance in that respect.

  43. I am pretty sure the Vinpocetine would make a good replacement for Sulbutiamine if you wanted to switch every second day or Sulbutiamine in the morning and Vinpocetine in the afternoon, but I still need to trial it out.
    If it goes well I think it could make an excellent way to cycle and stretch the use of the base stack 4 or 5 days and still be effective.
    I find that the Vinpocetine amplifies the effects of Piracetam and I need less for more benefit so the amount of Aniracetam or Noopept may need to vary with Vinpocetine.

  44. I tried out the Vinpocetine in place of Sulbutiamine and it was a much flatter experience but still OK, I think in truth I would use the Sulbutiamine stack Monday Wednesday and Friday and Piracetam, Choline, and Vinpocetine Tuesday and Thursday rest it over the weekend.

  45. Hi. Thanks for the invaluable guide. By the way, I’m surprised that NALT is recommended as a daily stack. I’m quite familiar with anecdotes that precursors or agonists of dopamine, including L tyrosine and NALT, are not free from quick tolerance or desensitization. Since I couldn’t find any research about NALT’s tolerance building, I’m not sure how to do with my soon coming NALT. Is there anything you can inform me? Thanks!

    1. Since NALT is a dopaminergic, you make a valid point about potential dopamine receptor downregulation. Anecdotally, tolerance to NALT appears to be an issue for some people while others report zero tolerance development. Cycling may be a good idea.

    1. There are some varying opinions on whether to take nootropics with or without food, often based on the specific nootropic itself, but there shouldn’t be too much of a difference in the stack’s effectiveness either way.

  46. I am prescribed to adderall (20MG morning/10MG afternoon-some days I take a little more, some a little less) however my tolerance has built up a bit and am looking to prolong my energy levels and also I still have a problem with motivation (mostly for mundane/tedious tasks). I started taking B12 recently and also have been taking aniracitam for about 2 weeks, and am thinking of getting the rest of these to do this stack. My questions are 1. Is it ok to take all of these along with adderall and if so will it help me with what I’m looking for? and 2. If so, would that mean I don’t need to bother using NALT since I still am taking the adderall?

    1. The combination of L-theanine and caffeine is considered to be one of the most effective nootropic combinations out there for a cool energized focus. Some people even find it better than Adderall. To be sure that you can take these nootropics safely with Adderall, you should speak to the doctor that prescribed it to you.

  47. Very helpful guide to summon thing’s up, thank you! Do you have any stacks to take for exams to push for a higher acedemic achievement.

  48. great site, great article, great info! thank you! quick question… i’m new to nootropics and have done extensive research on it, but haven’t pulled the trigger just yet. I want to create my own stack, i like the stack you presented on this page, however, i know that pramiracetam is the strongest and most potent nootropic part of the racetam family. do you recommend swapping out aniracetam and replacing it with 250mg of pramiracetam? Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. Pramiracetam is indeed a potent racetam and could replace the aniracetam in this stack. It has an edge on aniracetam is terms of long-term memory formation and its ability to increase focus while aniracetam is generally considered better for creativity, verbal fluency, and even mood.

    1. There is evidence that DMAE isn’t metabolized into choline in the brain which means it may not be that effective as a nootropic choline source. We prefer Alpha GPC, centrophenoxine, or citicoline. You may find our guide to choline helpful.

  49. Hello all. I am new to nootropics. I ordered everything in bulk that is on the list above and it should be in tomorrow and i have a few questions. This stack is meant to be taken 2 times daily? Once in the morning and once at night? So basically cut out the noopept and only take the noopept at night? I would appreciate a little insight on this stack and more info since I intend to star taking tomorrow . thank you

  50. Thanks for all of your help on this site. Can you answer the following. My wife is on venlafaxine. Is there anything in this stack that I should worry about giving her?

    Also, what’s the impact of alcohol or other drugs like cocaine when using a stack like this?

    1. From my understanding, sulbutiamine should not be taken with an SSRI such as venlafaxine. Either way, you should speak to a medical professional before beginning any supplementation routine in order to rule out any potential negative interactions.

      People often report that the effects of alcohol and other drugs are accelerated when taking nootropics, especially if the nootropics were dosed within a few hours of ingesting drugs/alcohol.

  51. I have just recently started reading about nootropics and made my first purchase a month ago. I ordered some Caffiene and L-Theanine as well as some Noopept and Alpha-GPC from PowderCity. I purchased the pills for each of these and was looking at trying this stack and ordering some powders.

    Do I need to get a scale and capsules/capsule machine in order to take the powder form? Or does it come with a scooper and/or recommended dose? Also, if i choose to capsule the powder, can i just add the ingredients all in 1 or 2 pills? Or do i need to swallow a pill for each nootropic?

    I am really interested in this stack as I love what i have tried so far (the Noopept effects are minimal but maybe i need to increase dosage size). I just want to know the easiest way to do it. Can i just take the powder under my tongue along with the capsules that are part of the stack? Or do i need the scale/capsule machine etc…

    Thanks for your help! Love Nootropics 🙂

    1. Sounds like you’re off to a good start. When you order bulk powders from PowderCity, they come with a measuring scoop that will allow you to get your doses pretty close without a scale. If you want to be really precise, or deviate from the scoop sizes, you’ll want to invest in a milligram scale.

      Some people really like the convenience of capping their nootropics (yes, you can combine different supplements in each capsule) and others just scoop them right into their mouth or into a drink. It’s personal preference, really.

      Good luck!

      1. can you just mix all these in water/juice? and can you measure accurately enough using the scooper it comes with? i plan on buying the scale soon.. want to try out the stack first.

        1. You can try that but the taste will be really bad and some of the powders may not dissolve well. But, it should work. The scoops that come with the nootropics are decent enough and should be able to get you rough dosages at least until you invest in a scale if you want to get really precise.

  52. For the dosage, is that in one pill? or the entire dosage for the day? 100mg L Theanine twice a day (200mg total dose per day), correct?

    1. The dosages listed taken each time you dose which, for this stack, is twice per day. Yes, L-theanine in this stack is taken at a dose of 100 mg in the morning and then another 100 mg in the afternoon.

    2. The dosages listed taken each time you dose which, for this stack, is
      twice per day. Yes, L-theanine in this stack is taken at a dose of 100
      mg in the morning and then another 100 mg in the afternoon.

  53. This stack was my first experience with nootropics. Generally I am pleased with the stack. Initially I purchased the scale and powder, but that is way too difficult for me to maintain long term. Maybe I’m impatient but the powder gets everywhere and takes to much time. I ended up buying everything in pill form which has been working so much better!

    One of the things I’m hoping to get feedback on is that while I do feel an increased state of mental activity and motivation but I feel like I still don’t feel like I’m able to focus that energy as well as I’d like. I often find myself stuck in a mode where my brain is going a million miles an hour and I find it hard to calm it down.

    Is there anything in the stack that I can try removing or something I can add to help with this?

    Thanks in advance for your help…the site is great!

    1. Pill form is much more convenient for sure but some people prefer the economical savings of buying bulk powder as well as the ability to fine tune dosages. It’s all about finding what works best for you.

      The same concept goes for stacking; fine tuning components and dosages is part of the process of finding your optimal stack. If you find your mind is moving a million miles an hour, try skipping the caffeine and seeing if that gives better results. If that doesn’t do it, the dosage(s) of one of several of the other components may be too high. Good luck!

      1. The surefire way to avoid dealing with the bad taste is to either get your nootropics in capsule form or to cap them yourself.

        1. On the second day of trying this stack, I experienced a nosebleed. I don’t know if it was due to the stack, or the fact it was a very dry day. I noticed it was a dry day, because of the excess chap stick I needed that day. Has anybody ever experienced anything like this? I think this stack will work even better with 100mg of Modafinil! What do you guys think?

  54. Fantastic article! Quick question though – If i was to swap out Aniracetam (1500mg) for Pramiracetam what dosage should i take for the equivalent potency? 250mg or 500mg. My work is computer data based & i feel that the edge in focus Pramiacetam provides will be better for my stack.

  55. I’ve ordered all of these items and am excited to begin using them. One question. Most information out there has 100 mg caffeine per 200 mg L-Theanine. You have this reversed in your info. Is there a reason or is this a typo?

  56. How do you all deal with tolerance, it doesnt matter if its vitamins or prescription meds. My body develops rather quickly, and I mean after one or two doses, no effects, no more. I’m pretty bigger than average height and weight wise tho

    1. Most of the components of this stack actually have cumulative effects that should actually peak within a few weeks of daily supplementation. The caffeine and sulbutiamine are susceptible to tolerance building therefore should be either used as necessary or cycled on and off in order to keep your body receptive to them.

    1. You could try but the strong bitter flavor of the powders will likely turn you off to the idea once you try it. If you don’t plan on using capsules, some people just dump the powders right into their mouth and take a swig of water (or coffee).

  57. How many hours apart should the morning / afternoon be? I usually take it at 8-9 in the morning after breakfast and then at 14:00 in the afternoon.

  58. Okay, say I am going to go with the “Best Nootropic Stack” formula, I’ve got the ingredients, scale, scoops, and empty capsules. Where do I go from there? Mix all together and put fill about 4 00 sized capsule? Or fill each into its own capsule, result in 7 total? How would i mix; is stirring enough, or a mortar, maybe a blender? Any info would help. Thanks in advance.

  59. I still waiting for my order to be delivered but i wanted to know, How do i encapsulate this specific stack? do all powders need to go in separate capsules? which can i mix together in one capsule?

  60. I looked at Alpha Brain’s ingredients and saw it contained none of the ingredients or very few ingredients in the stack. How exactly is it a replacement for the supplements above then?

    1. You’re right. The individual components are quite different. However, Alpha Brain is an effective preformulated nootropic blend that can be considered as an alternative, not a replacement, for this stack.

  61. Does this stack need to be cycled?I was thinking 5 on then 2 off,or should it be taken without interruption?TIA

  62. Hello, I’ve been taking l-theanine and caffeine on and off when I need it for an energy boost, have been taking ashwagandha to benefit my mood and calm my nerves which really helps, and I recently started taking centrophenoxine (hoping to find a racetam to synthesize with this soon). I did try sulbutiamine a few times but never experienced any noticeable effects from it. I suffer from a serious lack of motivation (I want to do things, but end up sitting on the couch watching TV all day), and I also have self-doubt/low self-confidence, though that may be dealt with if I could get the motivation to get my artwork done.

    With that in mind, would this stack be something that could help me, or might there be something more attuned to daily motivation, focus and a positive mood? Bonus if it also deals with increased creativity (I am an illustrator and would love to feel more inspired more often).


    1. There is no substitute for healthy lifestyle habits such as meditation and exercise to boost productivity and well-being however aniracetam is a very popular racetam that is considered
      especially effective for creative tasks, improving mood, and getting into flow states.

  63. Can I mix this stack in an Amino Energy pre-workout? I wouldn’t add any caffeine as the Amino Energy pre-workout provides 100MG of natural green tea caffeine.

  64. Hey guys,

    I’ve used this exact stack for only 3 days but this is what my experience is so far.

    The first two days, i felt kind of tired and a little fogged in my brain.

    Today, the third day on this stack, I feel like this stack is starting to actually work.

    I am taking the dosages suggested by you guys; just to be sure: I am supposed to eat IN TOTAL:

    100 mg Caffeine

    200 mg L-Theanine

    300 mg Sulbutiamine

    300 mg NALT

    300 mg Alpha GPC

    1500 mg Aniracetam (morning only)
    20 mg Noopept (afternoon only)

    over 2 dosages, right?

    Or am I supposed to eat e.g. 200 mg of caffeine, 600mg of sulbutiamine and so on?

    The reason I’m confused is that the dosages that powder city recommend for e.g. Alpha GPC are 300 mg. Should i then take a total of 600mg throughout a day, or stick with a total of 300 mg a day?

  65. this my first time buying. i bought noopepts, Aniracetam
    and chloline. all capsules. Purpose is to help with focus conctentration AND anxiety speaking fluidly. I tried to buy the minimum. is there something u would suggest getting? or can i start with those expect to feel something different

    1. Those are great choices. Sounds like a good place to start and then build up from there if you choose to explore further.

    1. Both Bacopa and Lion’s Mane are excellent supplements for their potential long-term and lasting effects on improving memory and brain function.

  66. I read that the herb Sage has the ability to prevent the breakdown of acetylcholin. Would this be good in add to a a racetam stack? Do the racetams need to breakdown the acetylcholin?

    1. Acetylcholine breakdown inhibitors, such as sage, are often found as components in nootropic stacks. In theory, they increase levels of the acetylcholine neurotransmitter in the synapses and may lead to positive effects on the mental performance. They are commonly stacked along with racetams but I’d try with and without to experience the subjective effects.

  67. One not on this list which I take is rhodiola rosea. I find it boosts my energy and provides calming effects. I take along with caffeine/theanine pill for powder city. At night, I take an l-theanine about one hour before sleep. Much better sleep pattern without groggy feeling.

  68. I don’t see rhodiola rosea in your listing. Do you consider it to be a nootropic and how is it best to be used? Or do you see it as not worth the expense to add to a stack and money better spent on additions to the caffeine/l-theanine I am taking. TY. Jim

    1. Rhodiola Rosea appears to be an effective natural supplement to help with fatigue which may lead to an improvement in cognition for fatigued individuals. There may be a possibility that it has other benefits such as being a neuroprotectant and/or a cognitive enhancer.

      On a more anecdotal note, many users report excellent effects from it so it can be worth trying out and sin order to see how well it works on an individual level.

  69. If one is trying phenebut in a small dose, is that better taken in the evening to help with sleep? I am taking L-theanine at night which relaxes me. Just curious on trying phenebut as an alternate and when is best time of day to take? Thanks!

    1. To improve sleep quality, people will often dose phenibut right before going to bed. Just be wary that phenibut may have potential to be addictive and should only be taken in moderation.

    2. Candidly, the more I read about phenebut it seems like this one more than others can be addictive as you indicate. It makes me nervous about using it to be candid. I also noted your stack says noopept in afternoon only but don’t take too late in day as it can interfere with sleep. Why only noopept in the afternoon versus taking in the a.m. Thanks as always. Great site.

      1. melatonin works really well to regulate sleep cycles but be warned that if you take it at 4 am then it will regulate your sleep patterns to that time. i usually go to sleep at 4:30 to 5 AM and that is when i start getting tired

  70. After reading about Rhodiola rosea and Acetyl-L-Carnitine in the comments and doing a little research, I’d like to try adding them to the stack. Would it be ok to add them or should either of these replace something in this stack?

    1. I don’t believe that either of those have any interactions with the other stack components. However, rhodiola rosea may augment the effects of caffeine.

      Feel free to report back with your experience if you try adding them to the stack.

  71. Lets get batsh1t crazy here. What about adding sildnefil? I know right, the madness… But would it work?

    1. Sildenafil has demonstrated to be effective at restoring cognitive function in mouse models of Alzheimer’s disease however a human study of individuals suffering from cognitive decline from schizophrenia proved ineffective. At this point there isn’t much evidence to support its effects on memory for humans.

  72. I know that this has been asked however, I am finding different answers from multiple sources. What would you recommend in regards to cycling with this stack in it’s entirety? I understand the guidelines for when these ingredients are taken separately however, when taken together, shouldn’t their synergistic effects reduce your chances of tolerance.

    1. Hard to say if the synergistic effects would reduce the chances of tolerance. It’s always a good idea to err on the side of caution and incorporate a cycling regimen that works for you.

  73. Thanks for all the great information! Quick question – is there an ideal time range between the first and second dosings?

    1. I like to take my morning dose right as I sit down at my desk to work and then once again about halfway through the workday. Make sure to avoid taking too late in the evening as to avoid interfering with sleep.

    1. Hard to say what a direct alternative would be. Cycling sulbutiamine on and off without necessarily replacing it with something else could be one way to avoid tolerance.

      1. Indeed ,how about aniracetam can it be used on a daily basis?
        Thank you very much for all the info and stack I really appreciate it.

        1. Aniracetam is usually taken on a daily basis due to its cumulative effects on cognition. Some people choose to cycle it after several weeks or months of use but tolerance doesn’t generally seem to be much of an issue.

  74. I’m an nootropics virgin, impatiently awaiting my first delivery. I understand I should avoid the temptation to chuck everything in to start but ease my self in gently, one substance at a time. I have some Modafy on order, which would cover the caffeine, theanine, and Alpha GPC, which I was thinking of starting off with. Then add in the Aniracetam (choline already in the system), then the rest one after the other. Sound like a plan?

    1. Easing yourself into a stack, one or two substances at a time, is definitely the right way to get started. Good luck!

  75. Hey there! I am a nootropics virgin asking your help about dosages to begin with. I’m about to order everything except the caffeine combo ( I have stomach burn problems and my doctor advised me to literally delete coffee from my diet. How would you start taking these ? Also, i can only order in pill forms, so my minimal limit on something is 200mg. Thank you for your answer in advance !

  76. Awesome. Been using L-Theanine for a year or two with caffeine. Great way for someone with ADHD to get a stimulant without jitters. I’m about to start this stack. The Alpha GPC listed is a 50% blend. Is your dosage recommendation suggesting 300mg of the blend or 600mg so you actually get 300mg of Alpha GPC?

    1. The stack recommendation is 300 mg of actual Alpha GPC so in the case of a 50% powder you’ll want to take double that amount.

  77. Love the read.. Have become highly interested in hacking the brain.. I ordered everything on the list and should have it tomorrow.. My question is what would be a good addition to this stack for developing an eidetic memory? That is my secondary goal, my main goal is to help with social anxiety and memory/focus at work.

  78. Can I take this stack all at once or should it be spaced through the day? I’m thinking of filling my own capsules for this stack where 1st capsule would contain aniracetam, noopept, alpha gpc. 2nd capsule – caffeine, theanine, sulbutiamine, NALT. Is this a good idea?

    1. The stack was designed to be taken all at once. The only potential issue with capping like that may be capsule capacity.

    2. the most you can fit in a “00” capsule is about 750mg. This is what I am going to do:

      – 1) 2 caps of aniracetam
      – 2) 1 cap of caffeine + l-theanine + filler
      – 3) 1 cap alpha GPC + noopept + filler (in half)
      – 4) 1 cap alpha GPC + filler (other half)
      – 5) 1 cap NALT + filler
      – 6) 1 cap Sulbutamine + filler

      use L-Glutamine/Creatine/etc as filler

      Weekly dose

      – Monday: morning (1, 2, 4, 5, 6) + afternoon (2, 3, 5, 6)
      – Tuesday: morning (1, 2 4, 5) + afternoon (2, 3, 5)
      – Wednesday: repeat Monday
      – Thursday: repeat Tuesday
      – Friday: repeat Monday
      – Saturday & Sunday: off

      By doing it this way, you are keeping Noopept and Sulbutamine separated to take when you need to and you aren’t mixing more than 2 ingredients + filler in each capsule.


  79. Hello! If I already have modafinil, can I exclude Aniracetam and Noopet? And include others? If not, what can I add to modafinil as a beginner? Thank you 🙂

    1. Modafinil is a wakefulness-promoting agent and therefore its most similar component in this stack would be the caffeine/theanine combo.

  80. Is there a substitute for Sulbutiamine to be taken daily? Since it was mentioned that tolerance can build up quickly. Thanks! 🙂

    1. There isn’t really a substitute for sulbutiamine however while some people report tolerance issues there are others that don’t. To avoid tolerance, it is best to save the sulbutiamine doses for days where it is needed most.

  81. I am taking sulbutiamine and alpha gpc and i drink a strong coffee daily. Is this enough for better focus and memory ? I can’t buy racetams because i don’t find without prescription and i have to wait a lot for delivery from abroad.

    Basically i take 400mg sulbutiamine and 300mg alpha gpc from Jarrow. I took 2 days and I didn’t feel much different. I once tried 600mg of both but i felt tired after.

  82. Hi! I noticed that is the only ( or at most one of the few ) stack without the ade of fish oil and multivitamin ? Why?

    1. This stack only lists the nootropics that are doing heavy lifting for the sake of simplicity however there is no reason not to consider including a multivitamin and fish oil supplements to further round out the stack.

  83. From what I’ve heard, the most you can fit in a “00” capsule is about 700-750mg. This is what I am going to try:

    – 1) 2 caps of aniracetam
    – 2) 1 cap of caffeine + l-theanine + filler
    – 3) 1 cap alpha GPC + noopept + filler (in half)
    – 4) 1 cap alpha GPC + filler (other half)
    – 5) 1 cap NALT + filler
    – 6) 1 cap Sulbutamine + filler

    use L-Glutamine/Creatine/etc as filler

    Weekly dose

    – Monday: morning (1, 2, 4, 5, 6) + afternoon (2, 3, 5, 6)
    – Tuesday: morning (1, 2 4, 5) + afternoon (2, 3, 5)
    – Wednesday: repeat Monday
    – Thursday: repeat Tuesday
    – Friday: repeat Monday
    – Saturday & Sunday: off

    By doing it this way, you are keeping Noopept and Sulbutamine separated to take when you need to and you aren’t mixing more than 2 ingredients + filler in each capsule.


    1. Sounds like a very well-thought out plan. If you give it a try and have some results to share, please do!

  84. Wait, so do you take this entire stack twice a day, or spaced out into two dosages once in the afternoon and once in the morning?

  85. I’d like to start off by saying I’m new tot his blog 🙂

    I’ve been looking into replacing my adderall with a nootropic stack. I no longer see any benefits from using adderall. I’ve been prescribed and using 45mg of Adderall XR daily (although I only use it 6 times a week) for the past year and a half. I’m in sales and saw amazing results the first 4 months on adderall and since then have noticed regression in effectiveness and overall performance.

    I am not looking to be ‘smarter’ but would like to be more alert, focused, energized, motivated, verbally fluent, improve learning and memory recall, as well as sociability and confidence and especially euphoria. Basically, I want to recreate as close as possible the effects I’ve had with my first time using adderall as it had extremely improved my productivity and performance at work in my first 4 months of use. Below i’ve listed the nootropics I’ve purchased from nootropicscity. I would like some guidance on how I should take them in term of frequency, dosage, times and such. I would also LOVE to hear some anecdotal experiences from users who have used adderall and switched to nootropics.

    I am 24 years old, male, 6’1 and 200lbs fairly lean.

    The Nootropics I’ve purchased are:

    Sulbutamine 500mg x 90 Capsules

    Sunifiram 10mg x 90 Capsules

    Piracetam 800mg x 90 Capsules

    Pramiracetam 250 mg x 90 Capsules

    Aniracetam 750 mg x 90 Capsules

    Alpha GPC 500 mg x 90 Capsules

    Oxiracetam 800 mg x 90 Capsules

    NAC 800 mg x 90 Capsules

    NALT 700 mg x 90 Capsules

    L-theanine + Caffeine 300 mg x 90 Capsules

    Thank you all in advance

  86. Can anyone give me a definitive answer on whether or not anything in this stack will cause me to fail a drug test or test false positive?

  87. Do any of these Nootropics cause hairloss? I have concerns after taking this stack for slightly over a week and want to be cautious.

  88. Hey, I have a concern with the L-theanine used with racetams! Apparently L-theanine does inihibit AMPA receptors, so would taking it cancel out racetams taken with it? I have been using L-theanine with racetams I just got for about 2 weeks and I am concerned I might be wasting it :/

    1. I would like to know the answer to this myself.. thanks for posting this question David. Does anyone know??

    1. The aniracetam dosage was lowered. An aniracetam dose of 750 mg should be a nice starting point for most people.

      1. Thank you for the response! On my first ever dose, I would like to take the morning stack, and then later take only the noopept. Do you think this would be OK? Also how long after the morning stack should I wait to take the noopept? Or would it be OK to just take the morning stack plus the noopept all at once? Thank you so much.

        1. Taking less than the typical dosages won’t ever be an issue. If anything, when stacking, it’s usually a good idea to start at the lower end of things, or even to try one component at a time to get a feel for each of them on their own.

          Stacking Noopept and aniracetam at the same time is also quite common so it could be worth trying and seeing how that works for you.

          Feel free to report back to share your experience!

  89. Would it be a bad idea to add Adiafinil to this stack? I’ve heard good things about it and would like to see how it effects this stack.

  90. Hi people! I’ve just come across this site (especially this whole smart drugs thing) while I was searching supplements to help my memory problem. I didn’t know that there’s a community for smart drugs. Maybe smart drugs are the secret why so much programmers can come up with many cool application ideas.

    I have a question related to stacking sulbutiamine.

    Can I stack Sulbutiamine with this:
    – Centrophenoxine
    – Oxiracetam
    – Uridine?

    I read all of them have awesome effect. Please I really need opinion (especially the experienced one). TIA.

    P.S. Sorry for my bad English. I am not an English speaker in anyway. And I (almost) never have conversations in English in my daily life.

  91. 100 mg Caffeine

    200 mg L-Theanine

    300 mg NALT

    250 mg Alpha GPC

    500 mg Sulbutiamine(morning only)

    750 mg Aniracetam (morning only)

    20 mg Noopept (afternoon only)

    1000 mg Lion’s Mane Mushroom 2x day

    500 mg Bacopa Monnieri

    Would this be a problem to add to my stack.

    1. I don’t see any obvious issues with those additions but it’s always a good idea to speak to your doctor before starting a new supplementation routine.

      1. Thanks for the reply, I’m going with your all natural stack, ordered everything. Going to report in on how it works.

    2. i have done a bit of research on reddit, i am not an expert so keep that in mind. noopept is incredibly effective if insufflated. check out reddit ofr do a search on insufflating noopept. from what i have read, the effects of using noopept in capsules is very innefective. you can also dissolve under your toungue.

  92. Quick question, so I’m very new at this, and I was looking into lion’s mane and pramiracetam. Would those work together well?

  93. how would i use l-tyrosine in the correct manner instead of NALT?
    can i mix this all into a drink, shot or a smoothie? it is very messy and time consuming to weigh out my dose and try to get it into capsules one at a time, i have a capsule machine coming but i am really not sure how to accurately measure everything into capsules.

    1. Research studies have found that dosages of 100 – 150 mg per kilogram of body weight was effective for improving cognition. A drink/smoothie could work but some of these powders won’t dissolve so it could get a little tricky. If you have a capsule machine on the way, check out our guide to making your own nootropic capsules.

      1. i am over 250, are you implying that it is safe for me to consume 11 grams of l-tyrosine? i just wanted to know what the l-tyrosine equivalent quantity of NALT would be. i do not want to take NALT, i wish to take l-tyrosine instead as it is better absorbed according to my research.

        1. That is the dosage range used in the few studies that focus on L-tyrosine’s effect on cognition. Anecdotally speaking, a dose of 500 mg 2 to 3 times a day is a common starting point for supplementation.

  94. I am relatively new to nootropics, I have been taking CILTEP & Smart Caffeine with L-Theanine plus Magnesium and Ginseng supplements. So far the Smart Caffeine is the only one which I could probably say yes, that has a noticeable effect on me, the others I am not too sure. So for me I can see why the combination of L-theanine and Caffeine is so popular, it clearly delivers across the board and its a combination I will be continuing with. CILTEP not so much. I have ordered your stack and I am going to give it a go. Wondering can I add 5 HTP to it or am I already covered with this stack in that area ? Anyway truly brilliant information, the best I have found yet.

    1. I am also using 10 grams of L-glutamine, for a skin condition can I continue to use that with your stack ? Many Thanks

    2. The combination of L-theanine and caffeine is consistently favored by the nootropics community. It is one of the most basic and inexpensive stacks but also one of the most effective. As for adding 5-HTP, it may be a worthwhile addition however it’s best to consult your doctor before starting any new supplementation regimen to make sure that it is a good fit for you (for example, 5-HTP should not be combined with SSRIs).

      1. thanks for replying, usually I find if I ask a GP especially here in Hong Kong about anything like this they would just balk. I am on no medication, fit and pretty solidly put together mentally. I ordered your stack above but also ordered the 5 HTP, wondering if I could talk those on the days which I cycle off the main stack .. I am pretty new to this … he mood enhancement aspects of 5 HTP sound appealing … I dont need any but hey you cant be too happy

  95. Why was my comments removed ? scratching my head, did I mention specific products and thats not allowed ?

  96. Is the recommended stack here best taken with or without food. Fats? And if fats are suggested, what are acceptable? Is cheese or almond butter okay? Thank you.

  97. So I have just received this stack and I have started today. I have some supplimentts left over from my previous stack and I am wondering if they can be incorporated into this ?

    I have Magtech a magnesium complex, Gingseng and 5 HTP.

    I am wondering if it would beneficial to take the Gingseng and Magtech also with this or are would you think the benefits that they give are already covered in the stack. Also I mistakenly ordered 5 HTP, it would seem to me that the stack covers mood via Sulbutiamine would it be over kill to use 5 HTP as well or perhaps when I cycle off for 2 days ? Anyway very new to all this and any info is received warmly and appreciated.

  98. what do you think of getting mind lab pro and taking it along side Noopept, alpha GPC and caffeine

    1. Mind Lab Pro is an excellent stack on its own and is commonly used as a foundation to build upon. The addition of alpha GPC, however, may be redundant as MLP already includes a choline source (citicoline).

      1. What would your suggested additions be to the mindlab pro if I was already using the stack you made listed above?

  99. QUESTION, I’m trying to create my own “budget stack”. I don’t want to take caffeine, so is it safe to say that with out caffeine I could do without the L-Theanine as well? right now the stack i’m considering consists of Alpha GPC 300 mg and NALT 350 mg…..considering adding Noopept, anything else i should consider for my “budget stack”? thanks

  100. I would like to stack MLP with Aniracetam. However, I was wondering if I should increase the dosage of Choline as both MLP and the stack above recommends 250 mg of Choline. Would the addition of Aniracetam to the MLP stack prompt an increase in Choline dosage? If so, how much over 250mg is recommended for an addition of 750mg of Aniracetam? Thank you!

    1. The optimal choline for an individual requires experimentation. I’d start at 250mg and then increase from there to see if there is any improvement.

  101. Does anyone have any advise on casual alcohol consumption while taking a stack like the one presented here?

  102. Any feedback for this stacking?

    Bacoba Monnieri…………………………………………………….50 mg

    Citicoline………………………………………………………………200 mg

    Alpha-GPC……………………………………………………………200 mg

    Phosphatidylserine ………………………………………………100 mg

    Vinpocetine………………………………………………………………5 mg

    Noopept…………………………………………………………………..8 mg

    Acetyl-L-carnitine…………………………………………………..150 mg

    PQQ – Pyrroloquinoline Quinone …………………………….. 5 mg

    Centrophenoxine…………………………………………………__100 mg____

  103. I know this is an old post but this stack looks particularly interesting. However, the 2x per day is throwing me a bit with some morning only since afternoon and others anytime. Which ones are to the be taken twice a day, it’s it all of them, just in there allotted time frame?

  104. Just out of curiosity, what’s the reason for taking Aniracetam in the morning and Noopept in the afternoon? Aniracetam has a shorter duration, correct? Do you specifically want to avoid overlap between the two? What would be the result of switching them?

  105. I’ve tried Mind Lab pro for a few months and I am very satisfied with the results so far, i just wondering:
    1)if i can combine Mind lab pro with other ingredients such as multivitamins, other nootropics etc, for a more “full” package and potential – especially for exams and mood
    2) I dont a regular routine (ex i dont wake up the same time everyday) is that a problem for achieving greater results?
    3) what are some some nootropics/ methods for falling asleep easiter and for a better quality of sleep??
    thanks in advance 🙂

  106. So to make a long question as short as possible, I am trying to research
    the subject as much as possible before actually implementing it. I am
    posting this question to see if I get a reply quicker than I can figure
    it out on my own. pre-made custom stacks: The best nootropic stack and
    the photographic memory stack, is it efficient to mix these two? or
    would one or more of the ingredients conflict with each other, or cancel
    each other out etc. Both of these stacks and claimed benefits seem
    appealing, is there someway to mix these two that would provide me with
    the best of both stacks? (Going to post this question onto both stacks, I
    would imagine the response to this question could be beneficial to
    other viewers

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