College and Studying Nootropic Stack

We’ve recently had many requests for a good nootropic stack for students that can help improve studying and optimize performance for exams.

Naturally, there’s no substitute for a healthy lifestyle, including a good diet, exercise, meditation, and proper sleep. However, nootropics may be able to provide that extra edge.

This example stack of nootropics is designed for long-term brain optimization, as well as short-term performance enhancement.

It is designed for illustrative purposes, and you should speak to a medical professional before starting any supplementation routine.

Nootropic Stack for Students


  • Controlled Labs Orange Triad: Multivitamin
    3 tablets, twice per day.
    Benefits: Improved mental function and various general health benefits.
  • NutriGold Triple Strength Omega-3 Gold
    1 capsule per day.
    Benefits: Improved mental and overall body function. Studies link omega-3 supplementation with improved mood and increased overall brain function.
  • L-Theanine
    200 mg daily.
    Benefits: Greatly improves focus, puts you into a relaxed, meditative type state. If you drink coffee or take caffeine tablets, it will reduce caffeine’s jittery side effects, leaving you with a pure, clean focus. It’s also great if you know you aren’t going to get a perfect night’s sleep. Take a cap of theanine before you go to bed, and you may up less fatigued and in a better mood. Learn more about L-theanine.
  • Lion’s Mane Mushroom
    500–1000 mg of the above extract daily.
    Benefits: This is one of the most potent enhancers of Nerve Growth Factor around, a protein that plays a role in creating new brain cells. This means that you are not just getting a quick boost but are actually potentially improving the overall structure of your brain. Learn more about Lion’s Mane.
  • Ashwagandha Powder
    300–600 mg daily.
    Benefits: This is a unique herb that raises your body’s natural defenses and tolerances to stress. Defense against stress does wonders for the college student that’s under pressure. Learn more about ashwagandha.

Non-Daily (nootropics for studying or exams)

  • Vinpocetine
    20–30 mg before a test.
    Benefits: This is a neurovasodilator that is capable of increasing memory capacity. Taking it before a test is ideal because it increases blood flow to the brain, thus increasing the effects of all the other nootropics in this stack. It may potentially quicken recall and deepen thought, making it ideal for test-taking. Learn more about vinpocetine.
  • Caffeine
    Dose: 100 mg
    Benefits: Caffeine synergizes well with other racetams and will give you a boost of mental energy to help you focus and perform. You can brew your own delicious, powerful coffee such as  Kicking Horse Kick Ass Dark, Whole Bean Coffee, but caffeine tablets are often more convenient. When taking caffeine supplements, it is highly recommended to take them along with L-theanine to take the jittery edge off, leaving you with a cool and collected focus.

With the addition of one of the following racetams, if you’re inclined to take synthetic nootropics, depending on what works best for you and/or depending on the topic of study:

  • Oxiracetam
    750 mg on days when I do logical learning, such as math or economics.
    Benefits: HUGE boost to literal and logic-based thinking, making math and other numbers-based concepts come easy. Learn more about oxiracetam.
  • Aniracetam
    750 mg on days I do figurative and creative thinking, such as English or writing.
    Benefits: Huge boost to creative and figurative type thinking. Creative and artistic type thinking comes so easy, and ideas flow freely. Learn more about aniracetam.
  • Noopept
    10–20 mg on cram days, up to three times a day, when I need extreme focus for studying.
    Benefits: Noopept is a very potent nootropic. It creates an unparalleled focus along with a whole host of other benefits. Ideas flow more freely, mood is elevated, and you can focus on the task at hand. Its effects are felt almost immediately. Learn more about Noopept.

This might seem a little overwhelming if you’re new to nootropics. You can also review our beginner’s guide to stacking for a more basic approach on how to get started with nootropics.

If you prefer to use a “ready-made” preformulated nootropic stack, we recommend you check out the highly recommended Mind Lab Pro (click here for our review) for a convenient alternative to building your own stack from scratch.

If you’re not sure where to buy your nootropics, we highly recommend, as they are one of the most trusted and reliable vendors out there. Their pricing is excellent, and all their nootropics are tested for purity by third party laboratories.

Planning to start a new supplementation regimen? See our medical disclaimer.

99 thoughts to “College and Studying Nootropic Stack”

  1. Great article! I got a few questions, would be great if you could help me out. I’m doing very repetitive work for about 60-80 hours/week, I need to be highly focussed and even more important: I want to avoid getting bored. So basically, I want to start working, do what has to be done, repeat the next day. Which modifications to the stack above do you suggest? Noopept everyday? What time for taking it do you suggest? Also I’ve found this 1-2 g/day should be sufficient, right?

    Kind regards

    1. Staying focused is a lot easier with nootropics, but getting bored can still be a challenge haha. Personally, I find noopept does amazing things for staying interested. So yes, I would take it everyday, and that would likely do wonders.

      Check out this stack:

      It’s not outright stated in that post, but that stack is my personal top pick for doing long hours at work. It creates such a fluid mindset that doing repetitive tasks aren’t so bad, because I find my mind is going off and exploring new ways to do whatever it is I’m doing better. It just makes you feel enthralled and fluid in your work which is why I called it the entrepreneur stack.

      Being bored is something that for me, in my experience, is overcome when I can let my mind drift elsewhere and brainstorm new things, while at the same time giving enough attention and caution to the task at hand to do it successfully. I don’t know how focus intensive your work is, but I find that that stack, in particular the noopept, can make repetitive work go much, much quicker.

      You might also want to look at Brainstack, I don’t know if it would be as good long term though compared to the other stack, but it would certainly be easier. Focus is the #1 thing you’ll get from a premade stack like that, and well, price is the other thing haha.

      Edit: That link doesn’t seem to work for me, so I can’t comment on that product.

      1. Thanks for your reply! I did have a closer look at that stack and it looks quite amazing as far as I can tell. I did have a look at Brainstack, but I’m afraid there is no possibilty of getting this in Europe, for now. That said, I really envy US guys who can order most of it on Amazon, whereas in Europe it’s either triple the price, not exactly available or not available at all. I read that Aniracetam, the one you recommend, and Piracetam are similar. I can get Piracetam really cheap on docsimon, like 60×800 mg for 5 euro. Is it possible to replace Aniracetam with Piracetam? If yes, what dosage of Piracetam matches which amount of Aniracetam? This would allow me to stock up mid or longterm and reduces the number of merchants I have to use. Don’t want to bother you with questions, but this is all quite new to me and with excitement comes curiosity. Once again, thanks for replying! Truly a great site, I will let others know about it aswell. Regards

  2. What specific parts of this stack make it more geared towards studying and memory as opposed to something like the Entrepreneurs Stack?

  3. NGF doesn’t just increase growth in the brain, it can increase nerves all over your body, such as in your skin, where you can develop sensitivity, become itchy more easily and become irritated too from other nerve growth.

  4. Hey,
    Can you tell me more about why you recommend to NOT take Oxiracetam daily? I bought that for my first stack rather than Pramiracetam.

    Thanks for any info.

    1. Mostly because of tolerance. However, it is still perfectly fine to take daily if that is your preferred racetam!

  5. I’m a newbie to nootropics.

    I am very curious and interested but also am an inherently skeptic and critical person.

    Could someone please:
    1- Tell me where I can find scientifically based studies supporting the effects of nootropics

    2- Tell me where I can find information on getting started? What should I be using as a medical student?What is a stack? Why is there so many different kinds? How often? where? why? posology? so many questions… Where do I find the answers…?

    1. Awesome combo! Simple, but yet effective. Oxiracetam is a good choice, you will notice a sharp clarity and added degree of precision to your thoughts. Alpha GPC is the best companion choline you could have chosen too, and its boosts on HGH production couple great with Lion’s Mane NGF increases.

      Basically sets your body up to be sharp on the inside and out, and grant you extreme clarity once the Lion’s Mane begins to kick in.

  6. My stack currently consists of taking 1 gram of Choline bitartrate, 50mg of Noopept and 200-600mg of caffeine a day. I search for improved athletic ability at the same time as I want the focus and memory when studying. What should I add or replace in my stack?

  7. Ive been thinking about it for a while, and I think I am going to try out the whole stack expect for caffiene (polyphasic sleep).

    However – would I benefit anything from adding some galantamine? I really lack some bad-ass memory at the moment.

    1. I would not add galantamine, as it has the tendency to cloud most people’s thinking if the dose isn’t perfect. I usually only recommend it as a dream vividity enhancer honestly, because most people don’t react positively unless the dose is spot on.

  8. I just started using some of the products mentioned here.
    The pramiracetam, Alpha GPC, Lions mushroom, the multivitamin and the omega 3 capsules.

    Lets see how this goes.

  9. Great site and info!

    You recommended Alpha GPC here but I read your other post about Centrophenoxine being the best choline source.

    So what should I do?

    Can you also mention dosing timing? Like if I study right when I wake up in the morning, do I literally take all the supplements listed above for “Daily” at the same time?

    Really appreciate it!

    1. The ones listed in the stack above are our recommendations based on our research but feel free to make substitutions.

  10. All these stupid pills that Braintopic is promoting have barely any evidence suggesting their efficacy. And all the studies that show an improvement in concentration are all placebo. Omega 3-6-9 and multivitamins are the only ones with enough good evidence, and that’s about it.

    It’s funny how America is full of ‘self-help’ shit like the brain-training games (Lumosity), or magic weight loss pills, or this crap now. Nobody reads the clinical trials , nobody reads the side-effects, nobody reads the long-term evidence, and they just assume it’s safe to take it all.

  11. Hi friends,
    I took piracetam with a colin source (soya lecitin) for a couple days and felt very nice. Concentrated, focused and eager. But it lasts only 3 hours. There’s a kind of racetam with longe action, that works all day long?

    1. Piracetam has both immediate effects and long-term cumulative effects. It is quite normal to experience what you are experience any many people will dose 2-3 times a day in order to extend the cognitive boost throughout the day.

      Also, realize that the effects of piracetam should continue to improve after taking for several days or a couple of weeks.

      If you’d like to try out a different racetam, anecdotally, pramiracetam lasts all day for many people.

  12. Is there anything specific about the multi vitamin and omega you guys have selected? just curious as I have other products currently? And also is it not overkill using all these products? How would using this stack compare to using Alpha Brain in terms of cost and efficiency ? ( Im an active university student)

    1. The multivitamin and omega supplements were selected based on their excellent quality and value. Feel free to continue using your own products but know that supplements are not all created equal. By browsing the reviews on Amazon you will see that these selected products are regarded as some of the best available.

      More than anything, this stack is an example. Many people prefer to keep things simple and take a caffeine + L-theanine stack while others take stacks that are twice, or triple, this size. It’s a matter of personal preference and there’s usually an element of personal experimentation to find what’s best for each individual’s needs and lifestyle.

      Alpha Brain is great for convenience since it’s pre-formulated. It’s also all-natural, if that’s a factor for you. The downsides are that you are paying a premium for this convenience (and their marketing) and are also limited in the ability to adjust the dosages of the individual ingredients. However, it’s a good choice for many people.

      1. Other then the multivitamin and fish oils what out of the above would you recommend if I’m wanting an effective stack just not quite that overkill?

          1. I live in Canada and all the above ingredients are much more expensive then if I were to do Alpha Brain, so do you guys have any suggestions for Canadians to get these for cheaper?

          2. Our recommended supplier,, has very economical shipping to Canada (cost of shipping your order would likely be under $5). Buying individual components when stacking should definitely work out cheaper than Alpha Brain, even ordering from Canada. If you are looking to save money, buying nootropics in bulk powder form will ensure that you are getting the best bang for your buck.

          3. Phenibut is usually taken as an anxiolytic or as a sleep aid. It is sometimes taken to balance out the effects of stimulants within stacks. There is serious potential for addiction and tolerance with phenibut therefore is generally not recommended for daily supplementation so make sure to do your research and/or consult with a medical professional.

          4. Is it safe to start all the daily products at once or should i slowly work each one in? and if so what order?

          5. I wouldn’t hesitate taking all of these daily components at once. They are generally safe and well-tolerated. If you’d like to err on the side of caution, the ones that may be worth working in one at a time, even just so you can experience their individual effects, would be the l-theanine, pramiracetam, and ashwagandha.

  13. Hi, I’m new to nootropics I’ve never tried them before and I was wondering if you could help. Basically, I have to study 12 hours/day for the next 4 months. I know for a fact caffeine doesn’t do much for me. And I was really hoping to find something that would help me get through these next 4 months. The daily stack sounds great, but its a bit overwhelming considering the fact that I’ve never tried nootropics before. I want to know if the Alpha Brain is as effective as the daily stack and can I take it everyday for 4 months. I also researched Pramiracetam and read several reviews saying that it builds very quick tolerance, and you cant expect it to work the same two days in a row. I’m not sure what to take!

    1. Alpha Brain is an option but it won’t be as powerful as taking a racetam nootropic. If I really wanted a cognitive boost, I’d at least stack a racetam such as aniracetam along with the Alpha Brain.

      If you want something beginner-friendly, but likely more effective than Alpha Brain, take a look at the “Alternative Beginner’s Nootropic Stack” about halfway down our How to Create a Beginner Nootropic Stack article.

      1. After reading and following your stacks for some time now, i went on to buy all of the following:
        Noopept, piracetam, aniracetam, phenylpiracetam, adrafinil, Alpha gpc,Alcar, DMAE, Caffeine, L-thienne, Choline Bitartrate,, oxiracetam, Pramiracetam, vinpocetine, Uridine, Sulbutiamine, Nalt, Huperzine A.
        This semester i am taking mathematic( calc3) and statistic courses and i want these nootropics to help me with that. i have trouble stacking them , if you could guide me to pick all of the above as 1 or 2 stacks it could really be helpful. thanks in advance 🙂

          1. Would you be able to post the result of the stack above? I’m wondering the same thing.

  14. Hi, I was just going through the study stack, this is my first time with nootropic. Looking at the pricing is it cheaper to buy alpha brain? or more cost efficient to buy the recommended study stack? Which is the stack really much more effective than alpha brain? Underlying question is in your opinion which is more cost beneficial while weighing effectiveness for a first time dabble in nootropics . (college student)

    1. If you bought the components of Alpha Brain on their own, in bulk powder form, you’d be saving some money for sure. With Alpha Brain you are getting the convenience of having a preformulated solution in pill form but you are paying for it (and paying for marketing/packaging) but it is a nice option if you want a quick easy solution. However, if you are serious about getting into nootropics, and want more effective results, I’d look into bulk powders because you’ll have access to more powerful nootropics and will also have the benefit of tailoring the stacks components and doses to your needs.

      The stack listed above can be a good starting point and I also really like the “Alternative Beginner’s Stack” in our Beginner’s Guide.

  15. Hi there! I’m studying for the GMAT and am looking for a stack to assist with studying and test day. Do you recommend stacking the non-daily supplements on top of the dailies on test day, or do you take them instead of the dailies? Thanks!!

    1. I would stack the non-daily nootropics on top of the daily stack on those extra demanding days. Good luck with your studies!

  16. I’m gonna try starting with caffeine, l- theanine, a GPC, and pramiracetam. Any tips on when/how to take all these? Hoping it helps since grad school has been a bitch and I am having trouble staying focused on anything.

    1. That actually sounds like a great starting point for a simple but powerful stack. I’d take all of those stack components 30 minutes or so before needing to step my focus up to the next level.

      1. thanks for the reply! How long do you think it’ll last? I’m worried if I take them at 8AM my normal wakeup time and do awesome during lecture itll all be out of my system by 6 when I have to start studying

        1. Generally, the acute effects of a stack like this could last anywhere between 3-5 hours on average. To make the effects last longer, many people will dose their stacks twice per day. You’ll need to experiment a little bit with timing and dosages to find what works best for you.

          1. trying it all now can definitely feel something.

            Tried to eat pram inside a peanut butter and jelly sandwich phew that stuff is gross

    1. The various components of the stack have different mechanisms of action so I’d say it’s definitely worth a try. That’s the only real way to find out is to give it a shot.

  17. My country does not allow any of the racetam range. Is there an alternative to the aniracetam for the daily student stack? Thanks Braintropic!

    1. Racetams are quite unique and are therefore tricky to substitute. However, in the context of this particular stack, I think the effects should still be quite impressive even in the absence of the aniracetam due to all the other components.

      1. Thanks Braintropic. Was looking at the price of all the products combined and it’s expensive to ship to Singapore. Had no idea that orange triad was so pricey for a multivitamin

        1. Yes, I agree. It is on the pricey side. Generally, you get what you pay for but you can definitely try substituting it with another highly rated multivitamin that has a price that better fits your budget. You’re welcome, and good luck.

          1. Thanks again, decided to use Blackmores multi-vit instead of Orange Triad.
            I’m deciding between, Jarrows Aplha GPC but it said it is derived from lecithin. I read your choline posts and you mentioned it was not the best type to take as it may not support cognitive abilities. Or should i take Healthy Origins – Cognizin Citicoline instead? Any idea which is better? Thanks Braintropic! Love the quick reponses

          2. Don’t worry about the alpha-GPC being derived from lecithin, it is way more bioavailable and potent than lecithin. Citicoline is another option however as mentioned in our choline guide, the differences are minimal. You can’t really go wrong with either one.

          3. Thanks for the tips Brantropic! All the best for your endeavors.
            Does your brain go back its normal state if you stop taking them?

          4. It’s a hard question to answer due to the lack of research but many people report that after prolonged nootropic use, they feel that their brains have been positively affected. Others report that they feel that their mental performance goes back to baseline once they stop taking nootropics. So, as they say, your mileage may vary.

    1. The Lion’s Mane’s role in this stack is to promote long-term brain function and health but takes weeks or even months for this to happen. It is not a crucial part of the immediate nootropic effects that this stack is designed to provide.

        1. There are varying suggestions regarding cycling noopept, with some sources saying it isn’t necessary. A popular cycling regiment for noopept that pops up a lot online is 56 days on followed by 4 days off.

  18. I was wondering about stacks that contain water-soluble and fat-soluble racetams; how do you take them together as a stack?

  19. I really like this article. I have a current stack but I believe it’s not working for me or the dosage are all wrong. I was wondering if you might be able to guide me or help me out. I wanted a stack for a big exam I have coming up for my job. I really would like to start a stack that will help me with retaining and recalling info when I take the exam.

    Right now i’m taking 2x a day morning, and afternoon.

    Alpha-GPC 300mg
    Noopept 10 mg
    Pramiracetam 250 mg
    Anirecatam 800mg

    Night time before bed I take
    Bacopa Monnieri 50% = 375mg

    Any kind of help would be awesome when you have the time.

    1. Your stack looks good to me. You may need to tweak the dosages to find what works best for you. The stack may also benefit from a caffeine/l-theanine combo for extra demanding days.

  20. Hi, I wanted to take some of the benefits from the Best and Student stacks, do you have any thoughts on the below combination? Great articles btw, really lots of excellent info!
    -26 year old student

    1 cap Lionís Mane Mushroom
    100 mg Caffeine
    200 mg L-Theanine
    300 mg Sulbutiamine
    300 mg NALT
    300 mg Alpha GPC
    300mg Pramiracetam
    1500 mg Aniracetam (morning only)
    5g creatine (morning only)
    20 mg Noopept (afternoon only)

    1. That looks like a solid stack. The best way to know how it works for you will be to give it a try. Feel free to report back with your results!

  21. Hello!
    Thanks for informative update!
    I am PhD student and I am supposed to write articles/thesis, but I am kind of stucked with procrastination. Which one I should use for creativity/focus? Not necessary for learning/memorizing things, just for ‘easy-clever’ writing!
    Thank you!

    1. For a stack that has emphasis on creativity and focus, I’d consider aniracetam (anecdotally the best racetam for creativity) and the popular caffeine/L-theanine combination for focus. For a stack that contains all these components, and more, check out our “best nootropic stack.”

      1. smart! sorry again but i gotta promote my fav product cause I don’t see it here. BrainNerd supplement! its infused with fatty acids i think that helps with absorption of ingredients.

  22. Hi

    Why wasn’t Huperzine A as part of the stack just out of interest? Is there already a synthetic substance in the stack that does a better job?


    1. I have just ordered the whole stack. I’m currently on modafinil, is it ok to take the whole stack with modafinil?
      I also sometimes take a variety of bodybuilding supplements that are known to affect cognition, e.g. creatine, acetyl l carnotine, beta alanine, taurine, tyrosine and a few others. Is it safe to mix ALL of these things together with the stack?

      I only take the bodybuilding supplements as a preworkout though, except creatine which I take daily.

    1. Huperzine A may potentially be an effective addition to the stack. The stack above is a starting point and each individual should experiment with what works best for them. Good luck!

      1. Hi

        Thanks for the reply.

        Why do you recommend vinpocetine only for before an exam? Is it bad to take it regularly while studying during exam period?


        1. The stack lists a higher than average dose with the purpose of immediate acute effects. Vinpocetine can also be supplemented daily at lower dosages (typically 5mg 3x per day) for it’s neuroprotective effects and reducing cognitive decline.

  23. First of all I haven’t tried any Nootropic other than Noopept, which gave me no noticeable boost at all. So I digged through a lot of websites and found a lot of different opinions and advices.

    What I expect to achieve with my stack:

    Memory improvements ( short and long time)

    easier studying ( short and long time studying )

    mood improvement ( to start studying and for motivation in school)

    better focus ( I get distracted while studying)

    About me :

    I live in Germany and therefore some tips about actually getting the nootropics would be great ( and some cheap vendors ) . I like math, physics and english ( which are my advanced courses ) and I want to be better in these subjects and try to reduce the time I’d need to study for those subjects.

    My Stack:

    The daily dosage cost should be under 1$ / 1 €

    Pramiracetam: 200mg twice a day

    Alpha GPC: 600 mg ( maybe split into two doses ??)

    Ashwangda: 500mg once

    Vinpocetine: 5 mg twice a day

    Huperzine A: 8-10 mg ( 1% , 80-100 mcg)

    Any advices on what to costumize it or how to take the fat soluble powders are appreciated.

  24. First of all I haven’t tried any Nootropic other than Noopept, which gave me no noticeable boost at all. So I digged through a lot of websites and found a lot of different opinions and advices.

    What I expect to achieve with my stack:

    Memory improvements ( short and long time)

    easier studying ( short and long time studying )

    mood improvement ( to start studying and for motivation in school)

    better focus ( I get distracted while studying)

    About me :

    I live in Germany and therefore some tips about actually getting the nootropics would be great ( and some cheap vendors ) . I like math, physics and english ( which are my advanced courses ) and I want to be better in these subjects and try to reduce the time I’d need to study for those subjects.

    My Stack:

    The daily dosage cost should be under 1$ / 1 €

    Pramiracetam: 200mg twice a day

    Alpha GPC: 600 mg ( maybe split into two doses ??)

    Ashwangda: 500mg once

    Vinpocetine: 5 mg twice a day

    Huperzine A: 8-10 mg ( 1% , 80-100 mcg)

    Any help would be appreciated ( especially how to consume and where to buy them )

  25. I am studying for the MCAT for 2 months for 8 hrs a day. What would you recommend to have a boost? Just the daily dosages or somewhere in between that and the test stack?

  26. Question with one of your stacks. the section “Non-Daily (as a study stack and for exams)” since I”m studying a lot during the week should I be taking that every day plus how many times a day should those nootropics be taken? One more thing do you take all of those are the same time ? like morning / afternoon / night time?

    Just wondering since I trying to find a good stack for studying and memory.

  27. I have been taking the “Best Nootropic Stack”. I started about a week ago and bought a years worth for school. Would it suffice for a college student? I didn’t know this list existed and it also is a bit more expensive. What would be the most important to add?

  28. Hey I’ve just learned about the college Stack and was taking the “Best Nootropic Stack”. Problem is I’ve already bought like a years worth of stock for school. Is there anything you’d recommend I buy on the College Stack list not on the Best Stack list? I have vitamins and krill oil.

    1. It may be worth considering adding the Lion’s Mane for its potential long-term positive effects on memory.

  29. Hello, I was interested in taking your “Best Nootropic Stack” and was wondering if it would be okay to occasionally take Vinpocetine and Oxiracetam about 3 days a week in the serving suggested in the article above. Thank you!

    1. Both vinpocetine and oxiracetam are generally well-tolerated and shouldn’t have any interactions with the compontents of “Best Nootropic Stack” however it is always a good idea to speak to your doctor before starting a new supplementation routine. On days where you want to take oxiracetam, you may want to leave out the aniracetam from the other stack.

  30. Hello!

    So, when you list the components of these stacks, do you mean to say that all of the daily nootropics should be taken daily? All 7 of them? Or do you recommend that we rotate or only pick one or two?

    Thank you!

    1. This stack is designed such that all daily components are all taken together. Keep in mind that this is simply an example stack and it is generally recommended to experiment with different combinations and dosages to find what works best for you.

  31. Hello! I have recently been looking into Noopept. I’m in my last year of medical school & I’m getting burnt out. Can’t remember anything anymore…brain fatigue. Need to get through my last yr as well as pass the boards. Looking for some memory boost.
    Can anyone comment on their experience w the stack for students? Thanks.

  32. hi! i really want to try all of the above products, but some products are illegal in south korea, where i live. so i have to change the list 🙁 and this is my first time try nootropic stack!
    is there any health problems if i take multivitamin, omega3, L-theanine, alpha-GPC and replace the rest of the products with ps(Phosphatidylserine), pc(Phosphatidylcholine) and lecithin?
    and is it too strong for first trial?

  33. For this student stack, I’ve read that alpha gpc and Pramiracetam should be taken in 1:4 ratio. In this stack you recommended one or two dosages of each. I have 300 mg bottles of each I have yet to take them. What do you recommend ? 1:1—> 300mg:300mg?

  34. Tell me what looks retarded and what can be better (or what looks like a good set up!). The stacks emphasize mood and anxiety relief and there is a hope for some help with ADD. Tear it apart!!!!!

    – Stack 1: NO ADDERALL

    – (morning):

    Cymbalta, Dexilant, L-Tyrosine, Tumeric, L-Theanine, Cleated Magnesium, ALA, L-Tyrosine, Fish Oil, B-6, B-12

    – (lunch):

    coq10, Milk Thistle, Vitamin C, Acetyl L-Carnitine, ALA, Alpha GPC, Fish Oil, Cleated Magnesium

    – (After Work)

    L-theanine, Magnesium, ALA

    -Bedtime (IF NO DRINKING)

    1.5mg Melatonin 60 minutes before bed


    – Stack 2: ADDERALL DAYS

    – (morning before work):

    Adderall, Cymbalta, Dexilant, Tumeric, L-Theanine, Acetyl L-Carnitin, cCeated Magnesium x2, R-ALA, Fish Oil,

    B-6, B-12

    – (Lunch Break)

    Adderall, l-theanine, coq10, Milk Thistle, Vitamin C, ALA, Fish Oil, Magnesium, L-Tyrosine

    – (After Work When I get Home)

    Magnesium, ALA, 1mg Klonopin

    – (Late Afternoon)


    – (Bedtime)

    L-Theanine, 5mg Melatonin


    – Suppliments/Perscriptions – Dosage and Abridged Benefits – All the supplements are the most readily bioavailable I can get my hands on and from reputable suppliers.

    – Cymbalta – 60mg 1x — Perscription — SSNRI — Depression.

    – Dexilant – 30mg 1x — Perscription — Gastric Reflux.

    – Adderall 5-40mg — Perscription — Energy, Focus, Concentration.

    – Klonopin 1-2mg — Perscription — Anxiety Relief.

    – Turmeric – 500mg 1x — OTC — Anti-inflammatory, Joint Health.

    – CoQ10 – 100mg 2x — OTC — Antioxidant, Helps Cells produce energy for growth.

    – Milk Thistle – 150mg 1x — OTC —Liver Protectant and Repair.

    – Vitamin C – 1000mg 1x — OTC —Nutrient, Protects multiple body functions, Antioxidant.

    – L-Theanine – 150mg 2x — OTC —Relieves Stress, Anti-Anxiety, May prevent certain cancers and heart issues.

    – Acetyl L-Carnitine – 500mg 1x — OTC — Antioxidant, Supplies brain with energy, anti-aging.

    – Magnesium – 100mg 3x — OTC — Increases energy, Calms nerves and anxiety, Prevents headaches

    – R-Lipoic Acid (ALA) – 100mg 3x — OTC — Antioxidant that repairs damaged livers. anti-aging properties.

    – Alpha GPC – 300mg 1x — OTC —Assists dopamine production. Improves Memory, Mood, and Depression.

    – L-Tyrosine – 500mg 1x — OTC — Assists dopamine and epinephrine production. Relief during stress states.

    – Fish Oil – 1000mg 2x — OTC — Aids in treatment of depression, anxiety, ADHD, inflammation, arthritis, etc.

    – B-6 – 100mg 1x — OTC — Protects the immune system, positive effects on skin, kidney, PMS, mood disorders.

    – B-12 – 1000mg 1x — OTC — Keeps nerves & red blood cells healthy. Reduces stress, depression and fatigue.

    – Melatonin – 1.5-6mg x .5-2 — OTC — Treats acid reflux. Helps sleep. Assists Migraine, Cancer, Heart Problems.

  35. Hello I was wondering if you could make a stack for me. So I need something help me with creative thinking, numeracy and literacy. Something helps me remember when studying, makes me focus, helps my attention span and energy boost

  36. I really don’t want to have to cycle anything, so I take Alpha GPC and CDP Choline together. It really works for me. I also take Phosphatidyl Serine, Fish Oil, L-Tyrosine, B vitamins, Vitamin D, Rosemary, Turmeric, Melissa, and Ginkgo Biloba. I’ve been trying to find the best supplement for reading and paying attention to lectures. My acetyl l-carnitine and teacrine is in the mail. I’m trying to figure out what I missed.

  37. I can’t afford Primaracetam. I also hate to cycle. Reading and paying attention to lectures is what I need help with most. Any hints? Combining Alpha GPC and CDP Choline really works for me. I like Phosphatidyl Serine and Rosemary. I dislike Huperzine A.

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