The Big List of Nootropics

The nootropics list below is grouped into the various benefits that nootropics offer. Please note that this is a work in progress so expect the list to be updated periodically.

Nootropics for Memory

Most people are initially drawn to nootropics for their memory boosting effects. Nootropics have been studied extensively over the years with some of them demonstrating cognitive enhancing properties in cognitiviely impaired individuals and oftentimes in healthy adults as well. The nootropics in the racetam family are the most well-known for their memory enhancing effects but there are many others that are powerful as well.

Recommended Nootropics for Memory Enhancement:

Recommended Stacks:   

Nootropics for Attention and Focus

Nootropics are great at increasing one’s level of attention and focus. Generally, someone with a low attention span can be incredibly smart, however if their level of attention and focus is low, they will not be able to reach the max potential their cognition might allow. This is another problem I struggled with personally; I procrastinated greatly until I discovered nootropics. Then, with the help of a good nootropic stack, I suddenly was able to focus on the task at hand. Suddenly, my level of intelligence grew enormously because I was actually using my abilities. Instead of messing around with 10 lesser, unimportant or useless activities, I was able to focus on a handful at a time, one by one. Being able to focus is enormously important to being intelligent and using the most of your cognitive potential.

Recommended Nootropics for Attention and Focus:

Stack Recommendations:

Nootropics for Mood and Depression

Being in a poor mood or depressed state has an extremely negative effect on one’s cognition. Simply put, just like anxiety or a lack of attention can cause someone to squander their minds potential, so can a lack of drive or motivation. Keeping a good mood is important, and often is not simply a matter of mindset or willpower. While someone with serious depression needs to turn to medical attention, if you have a lack of happy moods or somewhat slight depression, these nootropic supplements can greatly aid you. They have worked wonders in increasing my ability to have a positive outlook on life. Having a positive outlook will help give you the drive you need to dig into what needs to be, and use your brain to its max potential!

Recommended Nootropics for Mood and Depression:

Recommended Stacks:

Nootropics for Anti-Aging and Longevity

Ah, longevity. These are nootropics that increase your general level of health and well-being. They promote maximum levels of efficiency in your body. These nootropics are even thought by some to extend one’s lifespan and cognitive potential before a decline can set in. Enormously important, these nootropics should be in everyone’s stack. At the very minimum, multivitamins and fish oil should be included daily.

Recommended Nootropics for Longevity and Anti-Aging:

Nootropics for Anxiety

Anxiety can be an extremely disruptive part of one’s cognition. Despite how intelligent an individual might be, anxiety can overcome and dumbfound one’s level of thinking in the worst possible times. Intelligence is not limited to mere studying and learning in a private area by oneself. Instead, some of the most important knowledge must be gained by utilizing our most important learning tool and that is, our peers and people around us. Anxiety can dampen this by preventing us from utilizing such tools. As such, as I have anxiety, I usually recommend supplementing and offsetting this disadvantage with nootropic supplements. Below are some great examples and all work very well for anxiety with low side effects as well as general cognition increases.

Recommended Nootropics for Anxiety:

Stack Recommendation: I designed the Best Nootropic Stack around the above ideas of how to push myself to the limit of my cognition and enabled myself to be the most productive I could be academically, and business-wise. Indeed, this is one of my favorite stacks.

Nootropics for Sleep, Recovery, and Dream Enhancement

Sleep is another crucial part of enhancing your cognition to the max! In my opinion, this is the area where most people lack the most. Luckily, there are many nootropic supplements that are great to take at night to enhance your sleep and recovery as well as increase your cognition. Sleep is important because that is when most of your neurogenesis occurs, i.e., brain growth and recovery. Your connections are solidified and strengthen while your body repairs itself. Therefore, sleep is vital.

Recommended Nootropics for Sleep, Recovery, and Dream Enhancement:

Recommended Stack:

  • Bobby Colucci

    I’m 48 Back in college. I have 29 classes left but it getting harder to remember classwork or I have to read the material 3 times for it to stay in my head. I work two jobs and all this rereading is killing me. Any suggestions? I just read an article about Nootropics. I know nothing about any of this stuff so break it down for me. Please

    • Braintropic

      You should take a look at our Beginner’s Guide to Nootropics to help get you started.

    • Joseph C Moore USN Ret

      I feel that they may help with concentration and recall, but don’t expect miracles.

  • JP

    Galantamine and Vitamin B6 are both good for Dream Enhancement and Dream Recall

  • Joseph C Moore USN Ret

    Contrary to hyped advertising, there are NO nootropics (so called brain enhancers) that will double your I.Q. NONE! The best that may be accomplished is to help concentration. One familiar to most people is [caffeine] which has been a staple of college students and interning physicians. Various compounds DO help but do not expect that your tested I.Q. is going to rise from 100 to 200, or any in between number with these supplements. The best you may achieve is stronger concentration and easier recall of learned information.

  • Joseph C Moore USN Ret

    The nootropics may have increased your cognition somewhat but certainly did nothing for your manners. Thank you anyway for your input. By the way, where is the scientific proof of the hyperbolic claims being made?

    • Project #Ts4-o78

      Manners only affect the people who are listening. It isn’t my job to facilitate; That is your disability which should be cared for in solitude. You are quite welcome for my input, for it is free.

      And if you are indeed looking for these scientific studies, one might have better luck on Google. I am not doing the work for you nor am I going to teach you.