Where To Buy Nootropics

Knowing where to buy nootropics is almost as important as knowing what nootropics to buy. Whether you’re a seasoned nootropic enthusiast or entirely new to cognitive enhancement, purchasing from a trusted vendor can go a long way toward ensuring a positive experience with nootropics.

Buying nootropics that are classified as dietary supplements – for instance, L-carnitine, choline, L-theanine, creatine, etc. – can be as simple as a visit to the local health food chain, big box discount outlet, drug store, or any retailer that carries vitamins and related products. But stronger and more experimental nootropics such as the racetams, phenibut, adrafinil, Noopept, etc. typically cannot be marketed as supplements and are not carried by most offline retailers, so using these powerful cognitive enhancers means buying from an online supplier.

Choosing the right nootropic vendor requires a bit of research, but it’s well worth the effort; buying from a trusted supplier goes a long way toward guaranteeing that your purchase is convenient and cost-effective, shipping is prompt, and the nootropics you receive are potent and safe. Here’s a brief summary of some things to consider when selecting a vendor, followed by our recommendations for the best nootropic suppliers.

What To Look For In a Nootropics Supplier

  • Quality Control – There are many factors to consider when making a decision on a nootropics supplier, but quality control is absolutely the most important of all. Buying from suppliers with a history of quality control issues is putting your health and safety at risk, and that’s a gamble no one can afford to take. That’s why it’s crucial to do some research on a supplier before you buy, and the perfect starting point is a visit to the vendor’s site for a review of their policies on product testing. The best suppliers rely on both third-party and in-house testing to determine purity, composition, potential contamination, and more. It’s also important to find out what experiences other nootropic users have had with various vendors by reading forums, blog posts, and articles like this. The nootropic community is your best resource when it comes to finding a trusted, respected, and reliable supplier.
  • Inventory and availability – The range and type of nootropics that suppliers carry vary considerably, so make sure the vendor you’re considering stocks the specific items you want in the form that you want. Some suppliers offer only capsulized nootropics, some specialize in bulk powder options, and others sell both; some vendors have a broad selection of common nootropics and well-known pre-made stacks, while others have a smaller selection but feature newer or more exotic smart drugs.
  • Pricing and discounts – The cost of nootropics can vary considerably among suppliers, so don’t assume that pricing is standard. Be sure to look for ways to save on your purchase; some suppliers offer price discounts for large purchases or free shipping for orders over a certain dollar amount, and many trusted vendors also provide discount codes via forums and online communities such as r/Nootropics.
  • Shipping – This can be a deciding factor, particularly if you’re considering buying from a vendor located outside the country in which you reside. Most trusted vendors do offer international shipping with some limitations; be sure to check each vendor’s website for detailed shipping information, which may include a list of the countries to which that vendor does not ship to or a list of substances that cannot be shipped internationally or to certain locations.

Finding a supplier that carries the inventory you’re looking for and whose policies, pricing, shipping, and discount policies all suit your needs, location and budget can be quite a challenge. Here’s our list of trusted suppliers, which is a great place to start your search.

Nootropic Supplier Reviews

Absorb Health (http://www.absorbyourhealth.com)

Absorb Health is a well known, highly reviewed, and trustworthy general supplement supplier that has recently expanded its inventory to include nootropics. Their selection of cognitive enhancers isn’t comprehensive, but they carry most popular nootropics and continually expanding their product line. While their prices aren’t the lowest available, they offer a 5% discount to new customers and free shipping for US orders over $75. Absorb Health accepts all standard payment options.

Pure Nootropics (http://www.purenootropics.net)

Pure Nootropics is high on our list of trusted suppliers. They have strong quality control, with all products assayed at no less than 98% purity and screened for toxic impurities. Pure Nootropics uses a third-party lab for all testing. Their selection of powerful standard nootropics such as the racetams, Noopept, adrafinil, phenibut, etc. is good, though there are times when you’ll notice that certain nootropics are temporarily marked as out of stock. While some nootropics are available in capsule form, others are available as powders only. Pure Nootropics accepts standard payment options and ships internationally with some exclusions; check their website for more information.

Nootropics Depot (http://www.nootropicsdepot.com/)

Nootropics Depot is a respected and reliable vendor, with a good selection of the typical synthetic nootropics like the racetams, phenibut, and Noopept, along with herbal nootropics like ashwagandha and bacopa monnieri. Their products are available in both bulk powder and capsule form. The company is run by an excellent team of people are have a reputation for their vigourous quality and purity testing. Nootropics Depot accepts standard payment options (however, sometimes near the end of the month they only accept bitcoin and e-check) and ships internationally with some exceptions, subject to the laws and regulations of the destination nation.

Amazon (http://www.amazon.com)

Amazon – yes, Amazon, the granddaddy of internet shopping sites – is actually an excellent destination for nootropic basics like choline, L-theanine, creatine, etc. Amazon doesn’t carry powerful nootropics like the racetams, adrafinil, or Noopept, but it’s a convenient and cost-effective choice for buying cognitive enhancers that are classified as dietary supplements, and they carry such a vast selection of brands that you can often find excellent deals. Amazon Prime members get free two-day US shipping for qualifying purchases, and standard payment options are accepted.

Wrapping Up

The time you invest in finding the right nootropic supplier is time very well spent. Nootropics are powerful substances that can have an enormous impact on your mood, memory, concentration, mental abilities, and overall health and well-being.

Working with a trusted, reliable supplier is a crucial first step toward safe, effective cognitive enhancement.

Planning to start a new supplementation regimen? See our medical disclaimer.