Shroom Tech Sport Review

I love working out.


It’s one of my favorite hobbies, the one time of day that I can go and get away from everyone and be completely focused on stuff unrelated to the stressful ups and downs of my regular life.

After my positive experience with Onnit’s Alpha Brain nootropic supplement working so well for improving my memory and concentration, and their New Mood supplement, which improved my mood, recovery, and sleep quality dramatically, I was pretty interested in trying yet another one of Onnit Lab’s supplements: Shroom Tech Sport, which is  meant to enhance athletic and sport ability.

This supplement claims to enhance muscle ATP (energy) and oxygen utilization, which in theory should have an enormous effect on my strength, endurance, and ability to recover during and after a workout.

By now, I’ve come to trust Onnit Labs and they have become one of my favorite supplement companies one simple reason: their products work.

Shroom Tech Sport Review of Ingredients

Performance Enhancement

The main ingredient touted in this supplement stack is the Cordyceps Sinensis, which apparently has a pretty large effect on increasing oxygen and ATP in your muscles, which is exactly what an athlete needs. Cordyceps Super, Rhodiola, and Astragalus are all included to potentiate and make this mushroom work to its maximum power.

Energy and Focus Boosters

Green Tea Extract and Siberian Ginseng are included to give you an extra boost in energy, stamina, and focus, and are pretty good natural choices for doing so. These are some of my favorite preworkout ingredients and I really wish more supplement stacks included them because they freaking work. So I was glad to see these two listed in conjunction with the above.

Blood Sugar, Muscle, and Energy Optimization

Alpha Lipoic Acid, Chromium, and Magnesium are all included to help optimize blood sugar, muscle function, and energy utilization. They all do a pretty good job, but the main effects from Shroom Tech Sport come from the above.

Shroom Tech Sport’s Effects

I took Shroom Tech Sport about 30 minutes before going to work out, and the benefits started kicking in almost immediately. I could feel my concentration, focus, and energy increase enormously  and it made an even larger difference in my workout.


My strength was definitely boosted. The amount of weight I normally use was easier than normal, I assume due to the Shroom Tech Sport. I ended up setting a new personal record for myself by 10 lbs AND managed to pull out more reps than I usually do on a lesser weight. So, yes, this does indeed help. Another major benefit I noticed was increased oxygen. My breathing felt like I was pulling more oxygen in, or perhaps my body was better utilizing it. I was able to run further without becoming winded, and I noticed an increase in performance in my speed and stamina.

Gym Recovery

Another benefit was I seemed to recover MUCH quicker after taking this supplement, both in the gym and outside of it. Between sets, I would be ready to go again in half the time it would normally take me, and in that shortened amount of time I would feel more ready than before. My body was really utilizing its ATP and oxygen stores much more effectively thanks to Shroom Tech Sport.

After Workout Recovery

Outside the gym, I woke up much less sore and fatigued than I normally would after a workout, which is an enormous benefit to anyone serious about training regularly. Shroom Tech Sport enabled me to hit the gym harder, more efficiently, and more frequently.

Closing Thoughts

Overall, Shroom Tech Sport is an effective supplement for anyone looking to increase their performance in the gym, focus, motivation, stamina, strength, and recovery outside of the gym.

Get Shroom Tech Sport to boost your physical performance.

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