Phenylpiracetam is one of the most potent nootropics that are available on the market today. It is a relatively new nootropic from the racetam family and is a modified version of the original nootropic piracetam, except it is estimated to be 30 to 60 times more potent, have improved neuroprotective properties, and enhances physical performance. For these reasons, phenylpiracetam is rapidly gaining recognition among nootropic users.

Structurally, phenylpiracetam is essentially piracetam with a phenyl group attached to it. The addition of the phenyl group improves upon piracetam in the following two ways:

  1. Increased Potency – The addition of the phenyl group improves its ability to pass the brain-blood barrier (BBB) making it more bioavailable where its needed most.
  2. Energizing – More stimulating effects due to a closer resemblance to a phenethylamine substance, such as Adderall.

In comparison to other racetams, phenylpiracetam is quite potent and has a high bioavailability even when ingested orally.

Benefits and Effects

Phenylpiracetam increases memory and overall cognition more effectively than piracetam, protects the brain, and has been reported to enhance physical performance.

Phenylpiracetam is a great addition to nootropic stacks due to its powerful fast-acting effects. Specifically, athletes and students may benefit the most due to its stimulating and motivating properties. It also provides an increased tolerance to stress which may be attractive for individuals with demanding lifestyles.

Phenylpiracetam has even been given to Russian soldiers and astronauts for its ability to enhance the performance of both the mind and body.

In studies, phenylpiracetam has shown the following effects:

  • Improve memory, attention-switching, and problem-solving skills in patients with asthenia.
  • Increase locomotor and antidepressant activity and improve memory in rats.
  • Shown to prevent and reduce the effects of amnesia.
  • Ability to suppress the anxiety and fear response in rats with induced immune stress.
  • Reported to reduce the effects of sleep deprivation for the duration of its impact by many users.
  • Reduces the effects of cold on our body by increasing one’s tolerance to it.

Studying and Learning

The benefits of phenylpiracetam are especially useful for studying and learning. Its stimulating nature is great for an otherwise sleep-deprived cram session, pretest focus aid, or just a general cognitive study enhancer. Its effects on memory allow for improved retention.

It’s mood enhancement properties allow for general mental performance as well.

Finally, its ability to reduce the effects of stress and anxiety should allow for optimal mental performance even while under pressure.


Phenylpiracetam is also great for working out and enhancing athletic performance. It reduces the harmful effects of stress on your body, which is invaluable for an athlete, increasing stamina, recovery, and endurance. This increased tolerance to stress also includes increasing the body’s tolerance to cold.

Phenylpiracetam provides an energy similar to that of an amphetamine. A clean, focused, motivated energy without caffeine jitters to help optimize performance during workouts or competitions. There also is little to no crash, even when compared to caffeine.

Professional athletes should note that phenylpiracetam is on the World Anti-Doping’s banned substance list and should decide on phenylpiracetam supplementation accordingly.

How it Works

While the benefits of supplementing phenylpiracetam have been demonstrated inside and outside the lab, its exact mechanism of action is not fully understood.

Phenylpiracetam’s energy boosting properties likely exist due to its close resemblance to phenylethylamine, an organic compound which is known for its stimulatory effects. The benzene ring of the phenyl group likely also increases the affinity for neurotransmitter (norepinephrine and dopamine) transporters.


A typical dose of phenylpiracetam ranges from 100-200 mg per dose, taken up to three times a day. Due to its potent effects, it is recommended to start at the lower end of the dosage range and then to increase if necessary.

Tolerance to phenylpiracetam is reported to develop relatively quickly. Therefore, it is not advised to take it as a daily supplement but to restrict use to when it’s needed most of the cycle it periodically.


Here is an example of how to include phenylpiracetam into your nootropic stack regimen.


As Needed for Studying/Workouts/Tests

This stack is especially suitable for students or athletes. A healthy balanced daily routine while saving the powerful effects of phenylpiracetam for when it is needed most, enhancing just about every aspect of your mind and body.

Expect enhanced motivation, focus, energy, a reduced need for sleep, increased stamina, and improved mood.

Phenylpiracetam is an excellent example of the potential of nootropics.

Side Effects

Like other nootropics in the racetam class, there are few reported side effects from supplementing phenylpiracetam when taken at the recommended dosages.

If you do experience headaches, it may be a sign that you should add or increase your choline supplementation, which is usually recommended when taking racetams.

Where to Buy

Phenylpiracetam can be ordered online from They are one of our favorite suppliers for our nootropics, their packaging is fantastic, and their batches are tested for purity by third-party labs.

Always stick to reputable vendors when buying nootropics.

Closing Thoughts

Phenylpiracetam is quickly gaining popularity with nootropic users for its powerful effects. Consider trying it out as an exciting alternative to the more common racetams.

As always, it is recommended to start out by taking a low dosage, without other nootropics, to gauge your sensitivity to it.

Planning to start a new supplementation regimen? See our medical disclaimer.