How To Get a Photographic Memory

If you’re reading this guide, you’re probably wondering if it’s possible to develop a photographic memory.

The honest answer is “it depends.”

One thing is for sure; you can improve your memory by leaps and bounds, and we’ll get into that in just a bit.

To begin, when we talk about photographic memory, we’re referring to the ability to recall images after a just a few moments of seeing it. This skill, also known as an eidetic memory, is the ability to remember images, sounds, and objects in great detail after brief exposure.

What if, everything you ever did, felt, smelt, heard, and tasted could be recalled with just a thought? Stored deep in your brain so you could relive every single experience to its fullest, a person with eidetic memory can do just this.

It’s a truly powerful gift that some people have mastered though much skepticism exists around the few that “truly” have an eidetic memory.

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What is an Eidetic Memory?

Most people can have “bursts” of eidetic memory, also known as “sporadic eidetic memory.”

Ever experience a traumatic, or maybe incredibly pleasant, event in your life that you can close your eyes, and almost reach out and touch?

That ability to recall the event as if you were just there is an example of you using sporadic eidetic memory. It is unclear whether this type of memory is trainable or not as it seems to occur only in events in our lives that affected us deeply.

Actual eidetic memory is nearly unachievable for most us but for those looking to improve their memory for practical applications, such as work or school, you might want to look into memory training.

How to Get a Photographic Memory

Three factors contribute to having a photographic memory. Luckily, 2 out of 3 of them are completely in your control.

  1. Genetics – Essentially, our memory’s capacity is somewhat determined by our genetics. Some people might be born with an eidetic memory, the rest of us simply have to utilize lifestyle and training elements to develop a photographic memory.
  2. Lifestyle – Proper supplementation, diet, exercise, meditation, and perfecting your sleep. Making the right lifestyle choice are key to maximizing your brain health to create an environment for massive memory growth and cognitive enhancement.
  3. Training – A memory training program is essential to unlocking your brain’s full potential. Training involves utilizing proven memory training methods that mold your brain into a memory machine.

Anyone can develop an excellent memory with the right training.

Lifestyle Changes to Increase Memory

Here are some simple, easy changes you can make in your life to improve your memory to its absolute maximum capacity.

A Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is essential in your quest for maximizing your memory. Your brain needs the energy to work properly, so you want to give it food as fuel.

Pretend your brain is a jet engine, would you fill it with low-quality fuel and have it function at less than optimal performance?

The main benefits of a healthy diet on your brain and memory are providing calories to give it fuel as well as provide all the vitamins and nutrients your brain needs for maximal function.

If you want to take your nutrition to the next level, there’s a superb book called The Brain Diet: The Connection Between Nutrition, Mental Health, and Intelligence. It outlines a very specific diet that’s designed to maximize brain function.

Vitamins for Memory

Proper vitamin supplementation is another lifestyle change that can help you improve your memory.

Our bodies get most of the nutrients we need our diet but supplementing with vitamins will help fill any gaps to ensure that you are getting what you need for optimal brain and memory enhancement.

The main benefit of vitamin supplementation is to make sure that you don’t have any deficiencies of the essential nutrients required for your brain to perform at its best.

I would recommend a quality vitamin with the highest quality of ingredients, along with well-researched ratios. The $5 bottle of multivitamins at your local grocery store will not cut it.

Daily supplementation of a high-quality multivitamin like Controlled Labs Orange Triad Multivitamin combined with a fish oil such as NutriGold Triple Strength Omega-3 Gold would be an excellent start.

Nootropics for Enhanced Memory

If you want to take your supplementation further, there are a class of supplements called nootropics that have been making headlines.

Many of these supplements have been proven in research studies to increase memory and mental performance. We highly recommend you explore them in your pursuit of a photographic memory.

There are many choices for nootropics, but for the sake of simplicity, we recommend you start with a preformulated blend of nootropics such as the highly recommended Mind Lab Pro by Opti-Nutra. These convenient capsules contain a blend of 11 different nootropics that are backed by research to ensure that your brain is working at 100%. Read our Mind Lab Pro review for a detailed overview.

If you want to learn about the individual nootropics and find a supplementation regimen that works for you, then have a look at our beginner’s guide to nootropics.

If you already have experience with nootropics, refer to our photographic memory nootropic stack for inspiration.

Exercise and Physical Activity

Exercise is another essential lifestyle change you will have to make if you wish to a near-photographic memory.

I don’t know if you have ever tried to study after going on a run or intense workout, but you will retain more information, solve problems more easily, and just think more clearly because your brain is full of oxygen from your workout.

The main benefit of exercise on our memory is that it increases our oxygen capacity and stimulates the blood flow in our bodies. A side effect of these is also the funneling of critical nutrients into your brain to maximizing function.

All these benefits may seem short-term, however, regular exercise has been shown to improve brain function in the long-term as well.

Meditation for Discipline, Focus, and Brain Molding

It turns out, meditation has an enormous effect on our brains and can change the way our brains are wired.

People used to believe that our brains were hardwired from birth and that you couldn’t train your brain to change in a significant way.

However, scientific studies have proven otherwise. For example, one study performed by the University of Wisconsin analyzed the brain activity of Tibetan monks brain saw higher levels of brain activity than normal.

It turns out, through the intense concentration of meditation, monks rewired their brains to cause significantly increased activity where they wanted it.

For someone looking to improve their memory, meditation can be extremely useful tool.

Meditation increases your ability to focus and teaches you mental discipline. Both of these skills are vital for anyone wanting to master their memory.

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