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Guide to Photographic Memory

What is an eidetic memory anyways?

What if, everything you ever did, felt, smelt, heard, and tasted could be recalled with just a thought? Stored deep in your brain so you could relive every single experience to its fullest, a person with eidetic memory has the ability to do just this. It’s a truly powerful natural gift that some people have mastered, though much skepticism exist around the few that “truly” have eidetic memory.

True eidetic memory is damn near unachievable for most us, unfortunately for all you students out there. Most people can have “bursts” of eidetic memory, called “sporadic eidetic memory” by Wikipedia(link). Ever have a really tramatic or maybe incredibly pleasant event in your life that you can close your eyes, and almost reach out and touch? That ability to recall the event as if you were just there is you using sporadic eidetic memory. It is unclear whether this type is trainable or not as it seems to occur only in events in our lives that are extremely important.

For those looking to improve their memory in a way useful for practical application, such as work or schooling, you might want to look into photographic memory. This is a type of eidetic memory that is much more achieveable for the average person. Photographic memory is simply remembering the exact details of an image you have seen.

Most people have heard about this type of eidetic memory. I even remember reading a book about it in grade school where a child detective called the Young Cam Jansen goes around solving mysteries with her photographic memory. But why do certain people have this ability to such a dramatic extent, while others can hardly remember what they did last Tuesday? What makes them different?

Check it the ultimate photographic memory training here, but keep reading for more things that will help you unlock your memories potential. 

So how can I get an eidetic memory?

Three factors separate you from obtaining an eidetic memory, and you really only need to achieve two of them if you want to develop a strong memory capable of things you never dreamed of. I'll elaborate more on each of these three factors in their own sections below.


Includes proper supplementation through stacks, proper diet, exercise, meditation, and perfecting your sleep. Essentially to maximize your brain health and power to create an environment for massive memory growth and perfect cognitive enhancement.


Genetics, essentially are just the level of memory you are born with. Some people might be born with eidetic memory, the rest of us simply have to utilize training and lifestyle aspects to optimize our brains in way that facilitates changes needed for an eidetic memory.


This aspect is the only one that is ABSOLUTELY required. Involves utilizing a proven Photographic Memory training method, as well as brain training to utilize neuroplasticity to mold your brain into the ultimate memory machine.

Honestly, ANYONE can gain near eidetic memory with the right tools. Though some people are born with a certain unique brain chemistry specialized for memorization and eidetic memory, almost anyone can improve their memory to an exponential extent. It just matters if you do a few things catered to your brain, which boil down to living a healthy lifestyle catered to maximizing your brain’s health, capacity, and efficiency, as well as putting forth a little effort to train your brain to be photographic and to increase your neurocapacity to its absolute maximum.

Which, I don’t really understand why everyone doesn’t try to maximize their brain power with the tips I have listed below! The training is a cheap investment for the long term benefits it provides, especially the photographic memory one. And the supplementation and lifestyle changes are extremely cheap as well! Well anyways, check it out, and post a comment if you like, I’d love to know what my readers think of these memory enhancement techniques.

NOTE! I've been getting feedback about this guide, and most people agree that the training system used is the most effective part. It's called Zox Pro, and while the sales page looks like a ridiculous scam, it's actually extremely comprehensive and useful. I used it in college, and after a month, I could remember all my notes no matter how long afterwards it was photographically.

The way it works is it unlocks a part of your mind that things like public school puts a block on, and allows you to use your memory to its maximum potential. The Zox Pro is by far the most important part of this guide, the rest merely helps you get your brain to a state where it is easier to achieve.

Again, I achieved photographic like memory in college after about a month of training with it, and even if it doesn't help you, you can return it. If your going to do any part of this guide, I recommend at least the training, and second, a nootropic stack (this one is good).

Check it out here, but keep reading for more things that will help you unlock your memories potential.

Lifestyle Changes to Increase Memory

Here are some simple, easy changes you can make in your life to increase your memory to its absolute maximum capacity. They are simple things really, some may cost a bit, but mostly they are pretty well agreed upon for being extremely effective for maximizing your brainpower.

Not only are these all things that are readily available online, but they are a fairly cheap considering the significant changes they bring for your brain. Let me know what you guys think in a comment!

Utilizing A Healthy Diet For An Eidetic Memory

A healthy diet is essential in your quest for eidetic memory. Your brain needs energy to work properly, so you want to give it food as fuel. Pretend your brain is a jet engine, do you really want to risk giving it shitty fuel and risk crashing a plane? Plane crashes aren’t pretty if you ask me, so don't do the same to your brain.

The main benefits of a healthy diet on your brain and memory are providing calories to give it fuel as well as provide all the little vitamins and nutrients your brain needs for maximal function. You might be saying, “But Braintropic, can’t I just supplement those?”

The answer is no, vitamin and nutrient supplementation is really just to fill in the gaps your diet doesn’t manage to maximize. Food has nutrients in ratios that our bodies have evolved with and adapted to that are optimal for our function. Simple supplementation can’t beat a decent diet because of these optimal ratios for our bodies.

Here's a really good diet from Amazon designed to maximize brain health. Check it out.

The Brain Diet: The Connection Between Nutrition, Mental Health, and Intelligence

Using Exercise to Increase Memory in the Brain

Exercise is another essential lifestyle change you will have to make if you wish to achieve eidetic or photographic memory. Oxygen is important for the function of our brain and memory. I don’t know if you have ever tried to study after going on a run or intense workout, but you will retain the information, solve problems, and just think smarter much better because your brain is full of oxygen from your workout. This is why neurovasodilators are such effective nootropics.

The main benefit of exercise on our memory is to increase the oxygen capacity and increase blood flow in our bodies. A side effect of these is also funneling of important nutrients into your brain to maximize function. All these benefits may seem short term, however regular exercise has been shown to increase all these benefits and brain function enormously long term, especially if you keep up with your training and supplementation.

If you want a preworkout supplement designed specifically to increase these factors further, check out On It’s "Shroom Tech Sport" (Read our review here). It works great and you can feel the increase of oxygen and energy during a workout and know that it is exponentially increasing the benefits of your workout. Plus using the code below, you get 10% off!


Vitamins for Memory

Proper Vitamin supplementation is another lifestyle change needed if you want to achieve eidetic memory. It goes hand in hand with a good diet, for a good diet will make this less mandatory since you will be getting a large amount of nutrients just from your diet. It is good however to supplement, since you are making sure you are getting enough of everything for optimal brain and memory enhancement. Getting too many vitamins isn’t harmful (well, to an extent), but it ensures you have no gaps in your bodies performance.

The main benefit of this is simply to make your diet even more efficient by having no gaps or deficiencies of important nutrients required to achieve an eidetic or photographic memory, deficiencies SERIOUSLY hinder your body. I would recommend a quality vitamin with no crappy fillers and the highest quality of ingredients, along with well researched ratios. The $5 bottle of vitamins at your local grocery store fails just about ALL of these recommendations.

I've listed some of the best quality for the price multivitamins below, Orange Triad is my favorite because it covers just about every basic need properly and adequately.

The Eidetic "Superhuman" Memory Nootropic Stack

Ah, the eidetic memory nootropic stack.

This, along with the Photographic Memory training system I have listed below, are THE MOST EFFECTIVE ways to gain an eidetic memory. Both are much more instant and noticeable than most to the tips on here, which require long term maintenance to get the most effects from and keep. This stack is really just a simple nootropic stack, featuring just Pramiracetam, Alpha GPC, and Galantimine. This gives it fast acting effects, and increases your memory to unfounded depths. This stack creates near eidetic memory in most individuals by itself, imagine if you combined it with proper memory training and these lifestyle memory enhancement tips!

The main benefit of this stack is the enormous increase in the efficiency in your memory and cognition. All of the ingredients are great nootropics that make your memory neurotransmitters much, much more effective and just increase your brainpower in general. They are some of the strongest, so be careful if you have never taken a nootropic stack before. I recommend reading up on my comparison of the racetam family so you can see why Pramiracetam is chosen here, and also my guide here detailing the creation and evolution of a nootropic stack  to get a basic idea of what nootropic stacks are.

If you would rather opt for something premade, check out On It’s Alpha Brain for a good brain booster. It’s not nearly as effective as this stack, but works damn well and is extremely convenient. Plus you get can get 10% off if you use the code below. Check it out.

Alpha Brain Review

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Maximize your Neurotransmitters

This aspect, is one that can only be needed once, occasionally, or on a regular, daily basis to help achieve eidetic memory. Essentially, this is a nootropic stack that was created for people who have quit a significant stimulant habit, however can be useful to just about anyone. If you need to recover from intense stress, partying, lack of sleep, ANYTHING that could deplete your neurotransmitters, this is going to help you recover incredibly fast and most likely put you ahead of where you were previously because your brain will be so damn full of neurotransmitters, it’ll be like neurotransmitter soup!

The main benefit of taking a stack to maximize your neurotransmitters is to push your brain to full capacity by providing all the tools it needs to run correctly. It can also help recovery and repair to any damage you do to your brain, although technically all these lifestyle changes help with recovery, repair, protection, and optimization in some way. Maximizing your neurotransmitters is another helpful way you can change your lifestyle in order to put your brain one step closer to achieving an eidetic memory.

Here is our Neurotrasmitter Maximizer Stack.

Meditation for Discipline, Focus, and Brain Molding

Ever wonder why meditation is so important to monks, and why it is touted as being so beneficial? I mean, there must be some reason Buddhist monks prefer to sit and do nothing for so long, sounds kind of boring in my opinion..
It turns out, meditation actually has an enormous effect on our brains and can actually change the way our brains are wired. It was believed in the past that our brains were hardwired from birth and you couldn’t train your brain to change its orientation in a large way. However, after a study done by the University of Wisconsin that analyzed Tibetan monks brain activity, they saw something incredible. It was higher levels of brain activity on an extreme, much more than occurs naturally.

It turns out, through the intense concentration of meditation, monks actually rewired their brains to cause LARGELY increased activity where they wanted it. Now, for someone looking to develop eidetic or photographic memory, this is extremely useful. Use meditation in combination with the Photographic Memory training below, and you can achieve a memory unlike any other. And in combination with everything on this page? Well, you can only imagine.

The main benefit of meditation in regards to achieving an eidetic memory, is it increases your ability to focus and gives you great discipline. Both of these are extremely important for someone looking to master their brain and memory, and looking to push themselves to their maximum cognitive ability.

And Finally... The Best Eidetic Memory Training

And here it is, the culmination and most important part of my guide to achieving an eidetic memory, the Zox Pro Training System. Everything up to this point has been important because it is priming your brain and memory to make the changes this amazing program brings in the quickest and most efficient way possible. Let me clarify, everything before will increase your memory, but THIS is the way to achieve a perfect, photographic memory, especially combined with all of the nootropics mentioned before.

This system is great, it makes use of several modules to train you on every aspect needed to remember everything you could ever need to remember, and to perfectly do so. It will allow you to read at a speed of 25,000 words per minute. Yes, that is THOUSAND. Everyone has this benefit, but we lost it due to the terrible schooling system we have today.

No Child Left Behind? More like all of them left behind. Luckily, the Zox Pro system has the tools to unlock your memory. 

Zox Pro Training will let you retain that information FOREVER, whereas regular memory only lasts for a short time before disappearing from your mind. I could go on about the benefits, but it would be much, much easier for you to just click the link below and check out the system for yourself.

Now, this system is pricey. But when you look at it from a realistic perspective, you'll see that it is professional quality material that you would normally pay $500-$1000 just for a session to learn in a classroom setting! I was completely satisfied with it, and I am a very frugal person. They have a money back guarantee so no harm done if you purchase it and don't like it.

You need to take into account what this program will let you achieve, the fact that this is an entire photographic memory program and not just some silly ebook, and how much better this program is than most eidetic training systems out there. Seriously, I've tried other systems and nothing even comes close. This system is so good and efficient, and beats the pants off every other system. You are paying for quality, well researched material, and experience proven techniques that will give you the memory you desire.

So please, check it out, combine the lifestyle changes with this training system, and REMEMBER EVERYTHING! 

Unlock your Photographic Memory.

 If above does not work, click here to view the training system.

This video talks about the benefits of the Zox Pro training system. Skip to about halfway or so if you want to see the effects school has on us and how we can get back our photographic memory abilities with simple training and lifestyle changes. 

Review from a Zox Pro user - “It worked, It’s ridiculous how easy this system works. It’s so good I can’t believe it. I’ll recommend the training for every living thing I see from now on. I wasted so much money trying to find a system that worked to give me a photographic memory, only to find out later that this is THE BEST around. It might seem pricey, but the guarantee of being able to succeed in everything I do because of my memory skills and not only pass EVERY SINGLE COURSE at my university, but to succeed and retain the information. This is the best investment any student could make.”