Performance Lab Sleep Review

Sleep is vital for health.

The risks of sleep deprivation include an increased chance of weight gain, and developing illnesses such as the common cold, heart disease, and diabetes.

The quantity and quality of sleep also affect a person’s cognition and memory.

We’ve all experienced problems falling asleep or staying asleep through the night at one time or another. Myself included.

Then, I heard about a new natural sleep supplement from Performance Lab.

It wasn’t long until I pressed the “buy now” button in order to give it a try.

The day that I received my package, I took 2 capsules about an hour before going to bed.

When I finally got to bed, I started yawning over and over. I decided to close my eyes and let myself go.

I slept really deeply. The next thing I knew, I woke up an hour before my alarm clock was set to go off, and I felt energized and ready to start the day.

What an amazing first impression.

To begin, let’s go through the Performance Lab’s Sleep ingredients.

Here is the list of ingredients in Performance Lab Sleep:

  • 500 mg Montmorency Tart Cherry (CherryPURE®)
  • 100 mg Magnesium (Magnesium Bisglycinate, Magnesium Taurate, BioGenesis® Magnesium)
  • 250 mg L-Tryptophan (TryptoPure®)

These amounts are based on a standard dose of 2 capsules.

If you take the maximum daily dose of 4 capsules, the amounts above double. I found that 2 capsules was effective enough for me.

Performance Lab Sleep Ingredient Review

As you read through the 4 main ingredients in this powerful sleep supplement, notice how they all work together for maximum benefit.

Note that everything in Performance Lab Sleep, including the capsule itself, is 100% natural.

Montmorency Tart Cherry

When it comes to sleep, the star of the show is melatonin.

Montmorency Tart Cherry is an all-natural source of melatonin. It’s probably also the best 100% natural source of this sleep-regulating hormone that you can find.

If you’ve conducted some research on your circadian rhythm, you’ll know that it can be disrupted by things such as the lights from your mobile or computer screen – items that we’re all guilty of using in the evenings.

Fortunately, supplementing a natural source of melatonin (like Montmorency Tart Cherry) has shown to get your circadian rhythm ‘back-on-track’ and help turn off the lights when your head hits your pillow.

In fact, a clinical study conducted in 2018 concluded that melatonin showed to “improve the restorative value of sleep, through its effects on the circadian clock.”

CherryPURE®, the 50:1 concentrate of tart cherry used in Performance Lab Sleep, may help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep, and help repair your body and brain while you sleep.

You should feel refreshed and physically ready to start your day the morning after using Performance Lab Sleep.


Magnesium is pretty important. It’s required for energy production and nerve function, as well as muscle protein synthesis and function. So it’s essential for any lifestyle – regardless of whether you read books or run marathons in your spare time.

So why has this mineral been added to Performance Lab Sleep?

Because magnesium deficiency is a common problem that can contribute sleep and memory problems.

The problem is most of us do not get enough magnesium from the food we eat. And regular magnesium supplements are not very bioavailable, meaning your body doesn’t make use of them.

Performance Lab Sleep solves this absorption issue by using 3 different forms of magnesium. The forms they’ve included are highly bioavailable and effective at promoting better quality sleep.

We’ll expand on these different forms below:

Magnesium Bisglycinate

It’s no secret among medical professionals that magnesium bisglycinate can treat insomnia. Due to it being ‘chelated,’ it’s much more bioavailable and fast acting than regular magnesium.

A clinical study published in 2012 concluded that this nutrient significantly improved sleep time and efficiency, as well as significant reductions in “early morning awakening.”

As a result, it’s no surprise to see it in Performance Lab Sleep.

Magnesium Taurate

This one is a combination of magnesium and taurine.

In a nutshell, Magnesium Taurate is known for delivering calming effects by positively prime your central nervous system for sleep.

BioGenesis™ Magnesium

Performance Lab has patented their own ‘BioGenesis’ system, where they ‘grow and harvest’ vitamins and minerals themselves so that they mirror the exact structure as whole-foods.

What is the benefit of this? Well, it results in more bioavailable nutrients compared to their synthetic counterparts that are typically found in supplements.

So, while this is the ‘standard’ form of magnesium, it is a more bioavailable version that its synthetic counterpart.


The Japanese compan, Ajinmoto, one of the pioneers of amino acid supplements, make the TryptoPure® used in Performance Lab Sleep.

L-Tryptophan is one of the best natural sleep aids you can find. It’s an essential amino acid and precursor to serotonin, melatonin, and Vitamin B3 (niacin) in your body and brain.

Magnesium, L-Tryptophan, and Vitamin B6 are all required to synthesize serotonin in your brain.

Tryptophan converts to 5-HTP, and then with the help of Vitamin B6 (P-5-P) produces serotonin; you can find Vitamin B6 in Performance Lab’s Whole-Food Multi formula, which stacks perfectly with this Sleep product.

Plantcaps® Capsules

Every other sleep supplement on the market uses either gelatin or vegetarian capsules.

Gelatin capsules are made by boiling down animal parts like bones, hooves, and connective tissue to form a gel-like compound. After it cools and dries, this compound is molded into capsules.

Vegetarian capsules are Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose which is made from pine or poplar tree pulp. The end result is a type of plastic.

Performance Lab uses Plantcaps® which are pullulan (fermented tapioca). This is a costlier way to encapsulate supplements, but using Plantcaps ensures every supplement is vegan-friendly, is safe to consume, and dissolves immediately after you swallow it.

Performance Lab even infuses every capsule with a prebiotic which helps support your digestion.

I’m not aware of any other supplement manufacturer who makes the extra effort and pays such attention to detail. They use Plantcaps for their entire Performance Lab supplement line.

Ingredient Synergy

The first thing you notice when looking at the Performance Lab bottle or box label is they tell you exactly how much of each ingredient is in each dose.

The next thing that stands out is the optimal ‘therapeutic’ doses of each ingredient that has been shown to provide the most benefit.

Then you look at how each ingredient in this sleep stack prepares your body and brain for sleep. And you stay asleep while your body repairs itself.

Tart cherry extract provides a nature-identical source of melatonin your body can use when your natural melatonin cycle is disrupted.

Magnesium helps calm your system, preparing you for sleep. It also contributes to the serotonin-synthesis pathway which naturally converts to melatonin.

L-Tryptophan is a precursor to serotonin and melatonin as well.

Combined, you have a powerful, natural sleep supplement with no side effects. Just good, sound sleep and feeling refreshed the next day.

You can have a look at the official Performance Lab Sleep ingredients page for even more information on their formula.

Review of Performance Lab Sleep’s Effects

Performance Lab Sleep uses a healthier and more effective way of getting a good night’s sleep.

Most so-called ‘natural’ sleep supplements use synthetic melatonin.

Now, there is no doubt melatonin is needed for sleep. Because our brain naturally secretes melatonin from our pineal gland to induce sleep.

The problem is each of us requires a unique amount of melatonin to be effective. Anything more than 0.5 mg causes side effects in many people. Myself included.

Sleep with Zero Synthetic Melatonin

Performance Lab Sleep provides the raw ingredients needed for sleep. By stimulating the release of serotonin and melatonin naturally in your body and brain.

I take 2-capsules about 90 minutes before bed and fall asleep within a minute of my head touching my pillow. It’s a natural drifting off to sleep and doesn’t feel like I’m drugged.

Performance Lab gives me the sleep I need and feeling refreshed the next day. No hangover.

Superior Night-Time Repair and Recovery

Performance Lab Sleep supplies antioxidants and anti-inflammatories to help promote night-time muscle and tissue repair.

It helps calm the nervous system by slowing neurotransmission of stimulatory brain chemicals. It provides muscle relaxation and a drop in blood pressure to induce sleep.

It also reduces acetylcholine activity, helping prevent muscle twitches and spasms that can disrupt your sleep.

Better Mood – Less Irritability

Anxiety and stress are major contributors to insomnia. Poor sleep quality then leads to daytime irritability. Creating more stress in an ongoing vicious circle.

Performance Lab Sleep provides L-tryptophan that helps break up this stress-sleep cycle nightmare. And helps support more restful sleep leaving you in a better mood the next day.

The Details

The best thing about Performance Lab’s range of supplements (including Sleep) is this: the more you look into the smaller details, the better they get.

Another thing that we liked is the use of their patented ‘Plantcaps.’ This is far superior to the usual gelatin or HMPC (Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose) is made from – the latter, which is most commonly used in other vegetarian/vegan supplements.

Plantcaps are basically a prebiotic fiber in themselves, made from pullulan. Not only does this make Performance Lab’s supplements vegan-friendly (so that anyone can use them, regardless of lifestyle choices), but it means that the capsules are actually good for you, instead of merely being carriers for the main ingredients.

Ultimately, it’s the small details that make Performance Lab Sleep our favorite natural sleep aid that we’ve tried. Most importantly, it works without leaving you feeling drowsy the morning after.

The Verdict

Would I recommend Performance Lab Sleep? Absolutely.

There aren’t many supplements that I can say have changed my life, but Performance Lab Sleep is one of them – we all know that you feel happier, more refreshed and energetic after a good night’s sleep.

For me, Performance Lab Sleep is the best sleep supplement on the market that I’ve ever tried.

Performance Lab’s website claims that their Sleep product is “nightly regeneration support for peak daytime performance.” Using it improves my performance and mood.

It’s a good night’s sleep without resorting to prescription sleep medication.

This sleep stack uses an innovative multi-pathway approach to soothing the nervous system, muscles, and brain. It helps you go to sleep fast and stay in a deep sleep all night long.

All ingredients are tested prior to encapsulation to make sure they are free of allergens, GMO’s, microbes, pesticides, and herbicides.

The ingredients are encapsulated in Plantcaps® capsules made from tapioca. And not some synthetic polymer made from wood pulp like other veggie capsules.

Performance Lab uses patented ingredients to ensure potency and quality. And even then, finished batches are tested again to confirm potency, purity, and bio-activity by a 3rd party testing lab.

All their packaging is recyclable and biodegradable.

Performance Lab Sleep is, without a doubt, my favorite sleep supplement. I continue to use it every day, helping me get the quality sleep I need.

Visit to get Performance Lab Sleep to experience great sleep for yourself.

Planning to start a new supplementation regimen? See our medical disclaimer.