Piracetam Removed and Banned from Amazon

Piracetam, one of the most widely used nootropic supplements, and all other nootropics in the racetam family have been removed from Amazon including phenylpiracetam, oxiracetam, aniracetam and others.

You can no longer purchase any of these racetams from Amazon.

There has been a lot of confusion as to why exactly Amazon pulled these nootropics and what the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) official stance is on racetam supplements.

Piracetam has been consumed all over the world for decades in order to help improve the cognition of children, elderly people, and those with memory impairment. It is also used by many healthy individuals that are looking for a cognitive boost.

Piracetam is renowned for being safe for humans. However, in the USA, the FDA has not approved piracetam as a dietary supplement, therefore, it isn’t permitted to be marketed as such. That is why you won’t usually find piracetam in pill or capsule form but instead as a bulk powder.

Amazon likely pulled these nootropics from their catalog to avoid any trouble from the FDA.

There are still several trusted online vendors that sell a variety of pure, lab-tested, nootropics.

We recommend PureNootropics.net for ordering piracetam online as they are a reputable source for nootropics and all of their products certified by third-party labs for purity.

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  • Katarina

    Where do you think is a good place, to buy trusty racetams? Not some mysterious powder from China lol. I was also buying from Amazon, really upset that they are gone now.

    • admin

      Thank you for commenting! I love having readers, and even moreso, love readers who ask questions, as my site is rather new and I don’t often get a chance to engage my readers directly. Anyways, it is a HUGE shame Amazon took them down. You can still find Aniracetam as part of some of Build Your Own Supplement’s stacks, and I believe noopept is still available to buy.

      However, I assume you want a vendor that has no risk of taking down the products you wish to buy, someone dedicated to purely nootropics. My personal recommendation for when I don’t purchase my supplements from Amazon (convenience and availability of everything makes me a loyal Amazonian), is to take a look at either Sunnootropics or Cerebralhealth. Sunnootropics seems to be the better deal, and their selection and prices are unmatched.

      If you decide to order from them, I’d love to know how the quality of their product is! Too many vendors out there with bunk powders, especially when Phenylpiracetam. A personal dream of mine is to one day open a “Braintropic store” of nootropics, with lab verified analysis posted for EVERY SINGLE ONE of my products. But, dreams take time. You’ll surely hear about it on the site before it happens.

      Thanks so much for reading! Feel free to subscribe for the latest guides and nootropic stacks, news, and deals/sales in the nootropic world! Braintropic is growing fast, and early subscribers get special benefits later on when we expand!

  • Fred

    I cannot see racetams getting banned anytime soon. It is a shame amazon has banned this however these are unregulated supplements that should have some regulation especially amoungst big box stores like amazon.

  • Robert Dinse

    Amazon is majorly anal. Piracetam has eliminated tinnitus and restored hearing above 8Khz for me, this in and of itself makes it worth it’s weight in gold. Piracetam has gotten some bad reports, mainly from people, individuals and those conducting studies, that do not understand the inverted U nature of it’s response curve and go way over it with ridiculous doses not understanding that more is not better with racetams, each individual has an amount that is optimal for them and can only be arrived at experimentally. if done cautiously no problems result. Some people will take huge amounts and then end up with brain fog for months, not good. But people also swallow whole bottles of cough syrup to get high. What can you do?