Nerve Growth Factor: Key To Living Longer

The discoverer of Nerve Growth Factor, a possible key factor in extending one’s lifespan and actually increasing one’s brainpower and intelligence, Rita Levi-Montalcini, recently died at age 103.

Now, this may just be my personal opinion but I believe living to such a ripe age and being still as mentally powerful and competent as she is, is quite the incredible feat.

Most people seem to lose their intelligence extremely quick as they age…

Could Nerve Growth Factor increase intelligence and be the secret to living longer?

Boldly spoken several years earlier, she claimed her mental capabilities were on par or even surpassed her 20 year old capabilities.

“If I’m not mistaken,” she said, “I can say my mental capacity is greater than when I was 20 because it has been enriched by so many experiences, in the same way that my curiosity and desire to be close to those who suffer has not diminished.”

According to Pietro Calissano, who collaborated with the professor on an article for Scientific American in which she announced her discovery in 1979, NGF may have played a direct role in her amazing vitality. “Every day, she takes NGF in the form of eye drops,” he said, “but I can’t say for sure if this is her secret. At the start, it seemed this molecule’s effect was restricted to acting on the peripheral nervous system, but then it emerged that it has a very important role in the brain. Contrary to what was believed, the brain does not have a rigid structure but is in continuous movement, and NGF helps neurons – which we begin to lose between 10 and 15 years old – survive.”


The Secret to Increasing Nerve Growth Factor in the brain?

She claimed that Nerve Growth Factor was the secret to her mental prowess and longevity long term. There is science to back up her claims. NGF has been proven to be important because it helps increase neurogenesis and generate new brain cells to help your body adapt to new things.

However, her method of supplementing Nerve Growth Factor, isn’t very feasible for the average person. She would take her NGF supplements through eye-drops which can cost an estimated $10k a year.

But there’s an alternative and it’s a natural supplement, a wild mushroom actually, known as Lion’s Mane Mushroom. We recommend Full Spectrum Lion’s Mane Mushroom as the easiest and most cost effective way to increase the amount of NGF in your body.

For a full supplementation regimen dedicated to boosting natural NGF levels, refer to our Nerve Growth Factor supplementation stack.

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  • Schmed

    NGF does not cross the blood brain barrier, and will therefore have no effect on the brain and spinal column if ingested (assuming it survives stomach acids that typically denature similar proteins). This is why NGF is taken as an eye drop – the optic nerve passes throughout he blood brain barrier and to the brain. Studies have been done with rats, and it is proven that NGF eye drops entered the eye, passed through the retina, and ultimately entered the brain.

    • admin

      Interesting. This sounds somewhat similar to HGH and other peptides, which would be right on the money.

      Lion’s Mane is always touted for increasing NGF long term, and though I doubt it is as effective as eyedrops, (if it was no one would bother spending so much for the real deal!) I would love to know a quantifiable amount.

      Many people give the impression that the effects are there, as its obvious something is going on after long supplementation. But I wonder how much in comparision?

  • Lee

    I don’t see a link for Ashitiba. I did a search for Ashitaba and found more info. Perhaps you want to include links to Ashitaba at Amazon?


  • Aaron

    Sunpotion sells a high quality Ashitaba powder. They have several other great products. I’m using their Pine Pollen right now.

  • Michael Downs

    Can nerve growth factor help neuropathy?
    Where can i buy it?

    • Braintropic

      There is some research that supports NGF’s potential therapeutic benefits for neuropathy (diabetic and anticancer agent-induced peripheral types). Here’s a link to a clinical summary for your review:

      NGF does not appear to be available in supplement form to the general public. There are ways to substantially increase our own natural NGF production via several supplements, such as Lion’s Mane mushroom. Please refer to our NGF stack for specifics.