The Best Nootropics of 2016

It’s looking like 2016 is going to be another bright year for nootropics.

If you’re looking for the latest and greatest, here they are.

UPDATE: We’ve now released our list of the best nootropics of 2017.


What it is: As you can tell by its name, coluracetam is in the racetam family in nootropics. This more exotic member of the racetam family operates by a similar mechanism. It was designed as a motion sickness medication decades ago but was later adopted by biohackers looking to improve their brain function.

What people are saying: Going through the many threads that discuss racetams in Longecity forums, you will find that coluracetam users report improved working capacity and productivity as its leading features. It has also been reported to improve vision and even enjoyment of music. An additional benefit common among racetams is that it tends to increase and improve sociability due to the ability to follow multiple conversations or come up with appropriate responses faster. Higher doses may lead to daytime drowsiness, though. It’s strongest effects in the areas listed above seem to last about 4-5 hours, but the improved memory functions don’t show a similar drop-off.

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What it is: Sunifiram belongs to the ampakines family of nootropics, which are compounds designed for lengthening attention span and sparking a greater sense of alertness. Many types of ampakines have been produced to improve the learning process and recall.

What people are saying: Sunifiram is described as an effective option for overall memory enhancement and as an aid to concentration for those who are easily distracted. A reviewer diagnosed with PTSD began using a 12 mg dose of sunifiram and after a month reported an “elevated mood, increased productivity and tolerance of others, and decreased stress.” Another user reports that sunifiram’s “real standout effect for me is being able to multitask effectively and without stress.” One of the problems that people often associate with concentration enhancers is that they don’t want to block out too much of the world and create tunnel vision. That is not the case with sunifiram, as reports another reviewer, who described her experience with surprise. “With sunifiram my thoughts come very crisp and sharp and fast, but to let go of one thread/task or pull back to centered, observational perceiving mode is no difficulty at all, and is actually easier.” So an enormous difference between this drug and depleting stimulants such as amphetamine is that “overfocus” and OCD-like thought patterns seem to be no problem at all with sunifiram.

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What it is: PRL-8-53 is a rather mysterious research nootropic made from a combination benzoic acid and benzylamine. It is still not widely available, and very few trials have been published on its effects. However, there are reports that it has provided of pretty significant memory boost capability.

What people are saying: BrainMeta forums reported results from a study of PRL-8-53 where people were asked to remember nonsense syllables. Those given the drug were able to improve their recall performance by 80 percent over others that had been given a placebo. The test also looked at the effects of PRL-8-53 on long-term memory recall. After 24 hours, those who had taken the placebo could only retain three words and after one week, two words. Those with PRL-8-53 were able to retain an average of about 6 words after 24 hours and 5 words even after a week. From Drugs-Forum: One reviewer calls it a “terrific memory enhancer.” He mentions that people on average can only remember about seven digits, the length of a local phone number, but some people have seen an extension in their memory span to 21 or 22 digits with the use of PRL-8-53.

There is a lot more testing that needs to be done to find out the real capabilities of this new nootropic. There is very limited research into this nootropic so proceed accordingly.

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  • Jennifer Kurtz

    Really informative… I can add Alpha Brain, Phenotropil, and Adrafinil as these are also best for cognitive enhancement and should be added to the 2014 top nootropics list.

    Few Russian Nootropics also getting popular such as Nooglutyl(Nooglutil), Picamilon, Semax, Selank, Phenotropil.