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Posted by on Apr 18, 2013 in Attention/Focus, Memory, Nootropics | 3 comments

Phenylpiracetam: An Incredible New Nootropic

Phenylpiracetam: An Incredible New Nootropic



A nootropic that increases one’s tolerance to cold and stress, increases energy and motivation better than Adderall, and increases memory and overall cognition better than Piracetam? Introducing, Phenylracetam!

Phenylpiracetam, a relatively new nootropic with unique CNS stimulating as well as conventional nootropic effects, is slowly gaining prevalence. A simple definition of it is just Piracetam with a phenyl- group attached. So structurally, it is not different; however this small difference gives it two defining improvements over Piracetam.

1. Increased Potency and Stronger Effects by allowing the molecule to pass the BBB easier.

2. More clean, stimulating type of effects due to a closer resembelence to a phenthylamine substance, ie. Adderall. This is probably why it’s effects are more desirable than regular Piracetam.

In comparison to other racetams, phenylpiracetam is quite potent and highly orally bioavailable.  Its half life is around 3-5 hours in humans.



Phenylpiracetam Effects


  • Phenylpiracetam was similar in effectiveness compared to piracetam in reducing motion sickness.
  • Phenylpiracetam  has been shown to prevent and reduce the effects of Amnesia.
  • It was found to increase locomotor and antidepressant activity and improve memory in rats.
  • Phenylpiracetam has shown the ability to suppress the anxiety and fear response in rats with induced immune stress.
  • Phenylpiracetam was found to improve memory, attention-switching, and problem-solving skills in patients with asthenia.
  • Phenylpiracetam was reported to reduce the effects of sleep deprivation for the duration of its effects by many users.
  • Phenylpiracetam reduces the effects of cold on our body by increasing ones tolerance to it.


Phenylpiracetam Benefits

Phenylpiracetam is a great addition to any nootropic stack due to its strong effects and potent nature. Specifically, I would recommend it for athletes and students alike because of its stimulating and motivating nature. Not to mention, the increased tolerance to stress benefits both groups greatly alongside the general increased cognition.


Phenylpiracetam and Studying

 – The benefits of Phenylpiracetam are amazing for studying. It’s stimulating nature is great for an otherwise sleep deprived cram session, pretest focus aid, or just a general cognitive study enhancer. It’s effects on memory allow for complete retention enhancement. Motivation and mood enhancement allow for general better study as well. And finally, it ability to reduce the effects of stress and anxiety should allow for better studying when life really starts to press on you.


Phenylpiracetam and Athletes

– The benefits of Phenylpiracetam are also amazing for improving workouts and athletic performance. It reduces the negative effects from stress on your body, which is amazing for an athlete, increasing your stamina, recovery, and endurance. This increased tolerance for stress also has the added effect of increasing your body’s tolerance to cold weather, which I think is pretty incredible and one of Phenylpiracetam’s most interesting qualities.

Not only that, but it also gives one energy similar to that of an amphetamine. That is, clean and focused energy because of the added phenyl- group. Clean, focused, motivated energy without caffeine jitters is ideal in a compound to help your workouts. There also is not much of a crash, even when compared to caffeine.


Phenylpiracetam Dose

 A typical dose of phenylpiracetam starts at 100mg. Tolerance increases quickly, so it is advised to not make this a daily supplement, merely something to augment your abilities when you need it the most.

Example Stack:


300-600 mg; Alpha GPC Choline

2-4 caps; Orange Oximega Fish Oil

6 caps; Controlled Labs Orange Triad, Multivitamin/Joint/Digestion Support

2 caps; Brainstack (20% off if you click the ad in the sidebar à)


As Needed for Studying/Workouts/Tests

2-4 Caps Demiurge (Phenylracetam)

1-3 Caps Sulbiatiamine


This stack is amazing for students or athletes. It allows you all the benefits of Phenylracetam, and enhances just about every aspect of your body. Expect extreme motivation, focus, energy, reduced need for sleep, increased stamina, overall better mood, and just an improved life. Awesome stack if you really want to see nootropic benefits.


Where to Buy Phenylpiracetam?


Lift Mode Phenylpiracetam

Liftmode has great prices on Phenylpiracetam and is available on Amazon. By far one of my favorite suppliers of any racetam product, their packaging is fantastic and their quality is one of the few that is ACTUALLY Phenylpiracetam. There are tons of fakes or low quality substitutes out there because this is such a new compound, so buyer beware, stick with a vendor that is proven to be great. Liftmode currently has the best Phenylpiracetam for the lowest price on the market.

You can buy it on Amazon here.

Note: Since this is raw powder, you will need a scale and caps to measure it properly.


Demiurge by Antaeus Labs (Phenylpiracetam Caps)

If you are looking for Phenylpiracetam precapped, look no further than Demiurge. Antaeus Labs has a history of making high quality supplements, they clearly put everything they can into their supplements. Their Demiurge product contains 50mg of Phenylpiracetam per cap, so 2 caps would be a great starting dose. This is somewhat more expensive than the raw powder, however the convenience of it is amazing and worth the price. You can also find this on Amazon.




  1. I think you should add that the effects of phenylpiracetam is largely a hit or miss. There are many logs where this nootropic had had nill effects on focus/motivation/energy. I’ve taken up to 1g of phenylpiracetam (demiurge) and have only felt the warm sensation many describe.
    If it works for you that’s great, just understand that it may not be for everyone.

    • Thanks for your feedback!

      Now, I have heard that Phenylpiracetam might be hit or miss just because of how some people do not react very well to racetams in general…

      HOWEVER. Many of the logs you are talking about, from what I’ve gathered, the hit or miss effect is not the Phenylpiracetam itself, as its a very potent substance and should be noticeable if you get any nootropic effects from supplements at all. What is causing the hit or miss effect, is that many places were selling completely bunk or fake Phenylracetam. Until recently, it was very rare and expensive to have the real thing.

      But you are correct, however many people reported no effects because they had bunk/fake supplements.

  2. Hello, my question is does phenylpiracetam have a negative or positive effect on those with asthma.

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