Nerve Growth Factor Stack Nootropic

The Best NGF (Nerve Growth Factor) Stack

In a previous article, we learned about the woman who discovered NGF and how her daily use of it might have contributed to her extreme longevity and extra mental sharpness that extended long past the age where most minds begin to deteriorate.

I began to search for a nootropic stack specifically designed for promoting NGF and long-term enhancement of the brain.

You should expect some instant cognition enhancement based of this NGF nootropic stack, but most of the results are in helping and increasing factors that let your brain adapt to learning new tasks as time goes on.

NGF is great for allowing your brain to shift its method of computing and thinking of new information to make your thought process most suited for the task at hand.

This stack is also great for increasing mental longevity long term. Like I said, the woman who invented/discovered Nerve Growth Factor had been taking it since World War 2 era, and was sharper at the age of 100 than most 20-year-olds.

Expect great long-term benefits from this stack.

  • 300 mg Uridine via Amazon
    Uridine, combined with Omega 3’s, helps protect neurons by increasing levels of PC.
  • 15 mg Zinc via
    (male; take ~6 mg if you’re female)
    Regulates cortical synaptic function.
  • 2 g Omega 3 Oil via
    1300mg EPA
    700mg DHA
    Synchronizes with Uridine
    Utilized by the majority of the brain in numerous functions.
  • 1.2 g Lecithin via
    Plays a similar function to Uridine.
  • 4 g Lion’s Mane via
    Increases production of NGF.
    View my Lion’s Mane Mushroom Article. 
  • 10 ml Ashitaba (Two teaspoons) via
    Increases NGF production by 20%.
  • 100 mg Pregnenolone via
    Increases neurogenesis.
  • 2 mg Melatonin (before bed) via
    Reduces neuronal death.
  • 1 g ALCAR (Sigma-Tau extracted) via
    Reduces brain cell death.
  • 500 mg L-Tyrosine via
    Synchronizes well with ALCAR.
  • 200 mcg NGF (eye drops)
    Optional, effective but expensive. Neuron Growth Factor.

*Credit for this stack goes to AZabirko0901 from the Longecity Forums. It’s truly great and well thought out.

One of the most amazing stacks for promoting long term growth of nerve growth factor and brain cell growth, something which is not easily accomplished in other ways.

I personally take all of it except the NGF drops alongside my custom nootropic stack, and have noticed great benefits with the two combined. You won’t notice anything immediately, and it personally took my body about a week to adjust before taking these supplements started giving me very slight improvements. After a month or two, things really started ramping up. I hear around the 6 month mark, the real benefits start kicking in. We shall see.

Do you take an NGF stack? Have any questions? Post a comment!

  • sven

    Hi awesome site.

    I was thinking about cycling this, 5 days of a good nootropic stack (weekdays) and in the weekends use the NGF-stack. Is this a good idea?