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Posted by on Dec 26, 2012 in Featured, Nootropics, Superhuman Stacks | 25 comments

Entrepreneur’s Best Nootropic Stack

Entrepreneur’s Best Nootropic Stack

Introductory Notes! Read on, if you please.

This article is about combining several effective supplements known as "nootropics", generally that are brain and cognition enhancers, into a daily regimen to create optimal effects for your lifestyle. You can make a nootropic stack do just about anything, from reducing anxiety to recovering much quicker from exercise to increasing memory in the brain! This is one of my all time favorite stacks however, and is custom made! It is also our readers #1 voted favorite!

UPDATE: Check out the 2014 CILTEP Stack with the newest nootropics.

Recommended: Read our  "Beginner's Nootropic Stack Guide" to learn how to put together your own nootropic stack, and also how to maximize and adapt the one below to your needs!
Optional: If you have no idea what a nootropic is and why it will help you unlock your brain's potential, check out our article titled "What are nootropics?" to learn out what they are and possible benefits!

Today is Christmas! Or the Holidays, for all of you out there with different calendar affiliations.

I'm sitting at the Family Gathering together yesterday for Christmas, enjoying every second of my families sweet, sweet love.

And then slowly...

But surely...

I got bored.

My mind started wandering, and like what always happens when my mind starts wandering...

I started dreaming of ways to improve my life and how I can take ALL my opportunity around me, and utilize it to better myself and the world around me.

In the near future, I plan on starting a very ambitious consulting career, it should be very interesting to see how it goes as I am not approaching it from a typical or traditional business approach.

I plan on starting it like an entrepreneur would, ambitious, motivated, fluid, and most importantly...



What would be the best nootropic stack for an entrepreneur or businessman?

I thought and I thought, and..

I thought. What factors are most important for someone trying to, well, to put it bluntly, bring out my complete and total ambition, make my speaking skills equivalent to Morgan Freeman combined with a World Class Lawyer, make me feel GOOD and believe in myself, and basically become...

The perfect mix of cognitive intelligence and smart talking charm.

After trying nootropics in the past, I knew there was something there. Potential for unlocking the secrets to one's inner self, giving our brains the abilities we could hardly grasp by ourselves. 

All I had to do was find the perfect combination.

For me, at this time, this combination is completely perfect. 

If you are a businessperson, budding entrepreneur, college student, or anyone who could benefit from focus, motivation, and improved memory, this n00tr0pic stack I put together will be perfect for you. 

And the great part about custom made stacks, you can change or get rid of any supplement that doesn't benefit your needs!


What To Expect From This Stack

  • Highly Increased Motivation and Euphoric Well Being
  • Vivid Dreams
  • Deeper Concentration
  • Profound Mind-Body Connection
  • Easing Conversation
  • Thoughts flow
  • Focused
  • Creativity
  • Reduced Angst/Anxiety


I wanted something that would help me motivate myself that I would believe my business is as valuable as I believe, as well as give me the ambition to walk in to a meeting taller than a skyscraper.

Something that could give me the social fluidity to speak freely and easily in a way that is inspiring. Essentially, the nootropic equivalent of Morgan Freeman's voice.

The ability to focus and reduce my ADD tendency to go off on tangents, and drive the point home to the person I am talking to, and get my check and happy client as quickly as possible with no mistakes.

A memory capable of remembering every little statistic and every little word I would need to show these people how valuable my service truly is. Something like the eidetic memory stack I note in my eidetic memory guide, but without reducing my social fluidity with Pramiracetam.

The Entrepreneur's Best Nootropic Stack

2x a day;

Morning - 8:00 AM and Afternoon 1:00 PM

500mg Sulbutiamine (Buy on

150mg Caffiene (Buy on

500mg Choline CDP (Buy on

300mg NALT (Buy on

1500mg Aniracetam (Morning only!)

Not available on Amazon. This stack will work without, but I would highly recommend using either Aniracetam or Noopept, or perhaps even Piracetam.
Check back, we are working on getting a high quality nootropic store here at Braintropic, if you subscribe, we will send you the latest updates and you may even receive early-bird discounts!

20mg Noopept (Afternoon only!)

Not available on Amazon. This stack will work without, but I would highly recommend using either Aniracetam or Noopept, or perhaps even Piracetam.
Check back, we are working on getting a high quality nootropic store here at Braintropic, if you subscribe, we will send you the latest updates and you may even receive early-bird discounts!

 Recommended Sources (Contains everything cheap and high quality):


Please Note:

These are bulk powders, which ensures you are getting top quality ingredients. I recommend you buy an accurate scale and gel caps to accurately measure out these nootropic supplements.

Read my article on the best milligram scale for nootropics.

Together, these ingredients all potentiate and create a fantastic effect, ideal for someone who wants to maximize social fluidity, motivation, focus and memory in the brain.

The way I would describe the effects of this stack is the motivation to do anything. Essentially, this nootropic stack will help remove all inhibition of laziness and procrastination and help create a natural drive in your brain to accomplish what needs to get done. It will help you feel good about yourself and give you the potential and motivation you might lack. Another effect will be social fluidity and focus, to give you a natural tongue for speaking well. Not to mention that focus and motivation will help increase this too. Memory and cognitive enhancement is expected as well to solidify all these aspects.

Sulbutiamine For Motivation And Feeling Good

I included Sulbutiamine as it is awesome for motivation, and quite honestly, feels fantastic. One of the most motivating nootropics I have ever tried, it is not jittery or anything. Many people believe it affects dopamine levels, which would make sense as its affects on motivation are similar to ADHD medicines. I would start at a lower dose when you really need to be motivated. Tolerance to this can rise quickly, so it is recommended to only take when needed and not every single day.

Sulbutiamine is also somewhat of a fat burner so that's another bonus.

Overall: Sulbutiamine will make you feel fantastic and motivated with this stack!

Sulbutiamine 75ct Vegetarian Capsules 200mg - Neuro Flow

Caution: If you are on SSRI antidepressants, please leave this out of your stack, it could cause dangerous complications.

Caffiene and NALT (N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine) for Focus

Caffiene is included, because, as most of you know, it is very effective at increasing one's focus. Not really much to say about this one that you won't already know, except for the fact that it will kick up the effects of all the other ingredients in this stack a notch and make it synergize much more. The added focus will further improve your social skills as well.

Overall: Caffiene will give you energy and focus, while increasing social skills and reducing sleepiness in this stack.

ProLab Caffeine tabs 200 mg, 100 tabs (Pack of 2)

NALT (N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine) is a more bio available form of Tyrosine. Your body uses it to create massive amounts of dopamine, which is greatly helpful for the goals of this stack. Essentially, this will give you an amount of focus similar to Adderall or other ADHD medicines. Combined with other ingredients, especially the sulbutiamine, this combination will be incredibly powerful will increasing motivation and especially focus. This dopamine will be used in many parts of your brain and increases all the effects of other stack ingredients.

Overall: NALT will create massive amounts of dopamine and help your brain function like Adderall with extreme focus.

Source Naturals N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine 300mg, 120 Tablets


Aniracetam to reduce anxiety and increase social and speaking skills.

Aniracetam is a very potent member of the racetam family. Check out my article about Aniracetam.

Aniracetam is a very powerful anxiolytic, which means it has shown the ability to reduce anxiety in individuals, mainly in social situations. I personally use it for aiding my ability to speak, I tend to stutter occasionally when I am nervous, but with Aniracetam, I have a silver tongue and my speech flows freely. I feel like an expert speaker with Aniracetam, and have no anxiety. Its a very potent aid for social situations, and fits this stack perfectly!

Aniracetam also enhances the effects of the other ingredients, and synergizes well with especially the Noopept and Choline.

Overall: Aniracetam reduces social anxiety, and enhances one's speaking skills to that of Morgan Freeman with this stack.

Noopept, CDP Choline, and Aniracetam for Memory and Potentiation

Noopept is another member of the racetam family, and is essentially "super piracetam". It is extremely effective for memory increasing effects, and will potentiate this entire stack to a great degree. Aniracetam in particular will get its social anxiety reducing effects increased greatly. Your mind will flow freely with these, and you will be able to recall whatever you need to know. Noopept is pretty awesome on its own, but combined with all these other ingredients and Aniracetam, you have the perfect mind.

The racetams also help protect your brain from any harm, and reduce strain on it. They are truly effective in this stack for benefiting the effects of all the other nootropics included.

Overall: Noopept and Aniracetam help increase memory in the brain.

CDP choline is simply included because it is extremely helpful in potentiating the memory and learning increases gained by nootropics, and reducing any possible sides from the racetams. It is essentially a acetylcholine precursor and works well to maximize the effects of nootropics.

Overall: CDP Choline helps prevent side effects and further round off this stack to its completion.



  1. Nice article man, I’ve shared it on Twitter;) I’m doing research at the moment as I’ve never taken a stack before, your site is a really great resource, thanks for putting in the effort!

    Happy New Year and all the best – here’s to an enhanced 2013!



  2. Hi, great article. Started using this one today!
    Could you please tell me a bit about the intake of the different nootropics?

    For example, I’ve heard Noopept is best to hold under the tongue for a while because you don’t experience the taste, and your body ‘absorbs’ it much better. What’s your take on this? would this be better than just taking a capsule? and what about this with aniracetam?



    • To be honest, most nootropics are so bio available that changing the way you take it to something other than oral won’t really make a huge difference unless perhaps you were taking it IM or IV (BAD IDEA FOR MOST USERS!).

      I personally just put my nootropics in capsules and take them. They work good enough that way to where I really don’t see a need to do it differently. They are very bio available compounds already. Perhaps if you have a fat soluble nootropic like Aniracetam, you could take it with food to increase and speed up absorbtion, but in the end, it really doesn’t make much difference overall.

      Thanks for reading!

      • Hi ,love your stack been using for couple of monnths now. My question is been using aniracetam but it makes me foggy and unmotivated, should I order oxiracetam?
        However I do respond well to noopept and would it be wise to cycle sulbutiamine with modafinil?


  3. I have a question regarding the Sulbutiamine and NALT. I understand that the NALT helps to produce more Dopamine, but I also know that Sulbutiamine somewhat inhibits the release of Dopamine. Wouldn’t that have a bit of a different reaction than what you explained?

    And in no way am I meaning to criticize the stack, I’m actually quite pleased with the other Stacks mentioned. It just has me very curious!

    Thank you!


    • It is my understanding that Sulbutiamine works similarly to Cocaine (that sounds really terrible actually… wow haha) in that, it blocks dopamine from being taken up into the receptors. This leads to an abundance of dopamine circulating in the brain which is why Sulbutiamine is so motivating and gives great focus. Large amounts of dopamine is great for focus, which is why Adderall is such a great aid for those with ADD or ADHD disorders.

      NALT helps produce more dopamine, but my understanding is that, because it is a precursor, it merely helps the body in its natural production of that neurotransmitter. This mean you won’t reach a supersaturated amount per say, just your body will be able to stay at its optimal level of dopamine without much work needed to create more. So if any depletion occurs, your body will be right back at that optimal level.

      Things like NALT and other neurotransmitter precursors, you have to remember that 1) they are still just supplements, and 2) they are just precursors. They do a lot for you, but they mostly are useful in stacks to potentiate the effects of more potent nootropics. Many people equate NALT —> Dopamine, and while I wish the conversion was that easy because having a metric shit-ton of dopamine would be amazing, you are fighting bioavailability, conversion into other neurotransmitters, and tons of other factors.

      Sorry if that got too bro-sciencey for you, I was trying to create an easy explanation.

  4. Hi mate. Can you explain more about how you take all this nootropics together?? What type of gel capsule you used? You do you mix all of them in one capsule? How do you keep away from building tolerance to all this nootropics?


    Ps. Your website is awsome!

    • See this post.

      Personally, I just cap all my nootropics out individually. With a capping machine, this is pretty quick and easy. Tolerance is avoided by being considerate with your doses and doing what is effective without going crazy.

  5. First off, I’d like to say thanks for taking the time to put all of this information together!

    I’m new to Nootropics and have recently placed an order for Alpha Brain + New Mood. I understand that creating your own stack will be more effective; but how much cheaper would it be vs. the lazy man’s route? (Alpha Brain etc..)

  6. Your site is tremendously helpful. It is a big help in trying to figure out what to include in my stacks. I have never seen such a good comparison of the more ‘advanced’ racetams. Really cleared up a lot for me.

    Can you say more about how you cap your supplements? I’ve got a 24-count The Capsule Machine. I find the process pretty time consuming – I can do perhaps 100 caps/hour.

    Can you recommend any other approaches to measuring out stacks? Seems it would be possible to measure out aggregate quantities of the ingredients then mix them up and just weigh the dosage per day. That’s assuming that I could get a good mix of the powders and that they wouldn’t react with each other (prior to adding stevia and water and chugging).

    Thanks for putting together such a useful resource. I look forward to following your Amazon links as a way of saying thanks. BTW – your Lion’s Mane link points to a product that is ‘currently unavailable’. I’m thinking that some of your recommendations for Lion’s Mane in various stacks could get to be pricey (2 or 4 G per day?!). What do you think of buying a Lion’s Mane kit from Fungi Perfecta?

    What do you think of the Swanson product listed on Amazon: “Full Spectrum Lion’s Mane Mushroom 500 mg 60 Caps by Swanson Premium”

    Thanks again for the hard work and clear communication.

  7. This is great info. Thank you for taking the time to put together something so comprehensive. I’m putting together the stack that you recommended, but I have a question on Choline CDP. I currently have a pretty decent stock on Choline citrate. I’m a bit naive on the difference of the two, but could I substitute? And if so how much Choline citrate would you recommend?

    Thanks in advance!

  8. Just stumbled upon this. Never new all of this existed, I am a college student (aspiring entrepreneur) and I have been taking Gingko Bilboa. Is this stack recommended every day?

  9. Would L-Theanine be a worthwhile addition, to smooth out the caffeine’s effects and further reduce anxiety, or do the NALT and racetams make this unnecessary?

    • L-Theanine is an awesome addition to any stack. Btw, we have a new article on L-Theanine going up today, feel free to check it out.

  10. Nice list- but don’t underestimate the importance of proper nutrition through real foods, herbs, and spices- and don’t forget the natural stuff, like bacopa, ginseng, or maca.
    Furthermore, I would caution against using sulbutiamine often- I’ll let you do your own research to find out why. That goes doubly for GABAminergics like phenibut, which I’m sure you’ll work your way to.

  11. My question is this…seeing that you recommend the 00 capsules for larger quantities (from your Scales and Capsules guide), do you mix your doses together and spread them over a couple caps or keep them separated in individual capsules? Is there any harm in mixing everything together and trying to pack them into as few caps as possible? With that said…I’ll take it a step further and ask should you build them on a day by day or can you max batch and fill all 24 (Capsule Machine)? Would that screw with the ratios?

    Looking forward to being all that I can be…without joining the army!


    • There is no harm in mixing in the same cap! As long as they fit, it should be fine. You do get more flexibility by putting them in separate caps, but if you are pretty sure what dose you want to take, then there is absolutely no harm in it.

      I would not recommend mixing all your powders together however and then trying to cap them however. Different powders can have different densities and such, and unless you have proper equipment, they are not going to be evenly mixed.

      Personally, I do all my powders in one day. I’ll cap out 2-3 months worth at a time simply because its nice to just be able to grab them and go. And quite honestly, it is much quicker to do them in one sitting because I’ll usually make a huge mess out of it haha.

  12. Wondering why you don’t take the noopept with the aniracetam in the morning, also why not a second dose of ani in the afternoon? Im taking ani now and really like it, going to try adding noopept.

    great website, ill use your links to order.

  13. Hi! I would really like to try this stack, but I have a few questions. Do the effects wear off at all? Is there a tolerance build up at all? Do you cycle this stack? Do you think it would be good for a 19 year old to take?

    • The mental benefits you achieve from a nootropic stack do wear off gradually after stopping a regimen, however everything you learned, achieved, and gained DOES retain. The mental BENEFITS are specifically from the nootropics of course, which is why they wear off, however all of the mental GAINS will stick with you forever. This is why nootropics are so helpful :)

      Tolerance does occur, for some specific things like Sulbutiamine in particular, but mostly your body always needs about the same dose to reap the benefits of nootropics.

      Would it be good for a 19 year old? I don’t know anything about your health so I won’t recommend it directly. Everyone should know their body and health level before taking any supplements. For the average 19 year old, nootropics are perfectly safe. That is their nature after all. I have firsthand experience to say that the benefits are incredible. Don’t be afraid to ask a doctor if you are unsure, everyone varies and as I am not a doctor, you will just have to be the final word on whether a nootropic regimen would be worth it.

  14. Hey love the site, do you know anything about taking MCT oil as a fat source for the aniracetam and or think it would be a good idea?

    • MCT is an absolutely fantastic fat source for any fat soluble supplements including aniracetam.
      Another great option is coconut oil (which of course has MCT’s).
      Here’s a tip use the coconut oil as a carrier for your supplements –
      Gently melt the coconut oil, portion out your aniracetam into mini baking cups, and pour the coconut oil into the cups covering the aniracetam completely. Now refrigerate, and when they’ve cooled and hardened you can easily pop them into your mouth.
      Really the tip of the iceberg for what you can do.

  15. Is it a bad idea to include modafinil in this stack and is it essential to take them in powdered form?? Pls reply

  16. If adding Ciltep to this stack, how would you dose it?

  17. @admin
    Your caution regarding ssri + sulb has started to make me a bit anxious. I’ve been taking Prozac with sulb for over a week now! Do you have any credible source for this statement?

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